How to Move without Going Crazy

In the past three years, Life as MOM contributor Janel has moved house three times and just completed move #4. Today she shares some tips on how to make the moving process a bit easier.

How to Move without Going Crazy - This is the definitive post for moving house without losing your mind. All kinds of tips and tricks for moving with kids.

Moving can be the start of a great adventure. Or it can make you feel as if you’re going crazy. Since our family embarked on a law school experience for my husband three years ago, we’ve moved many times, from home to rental to temporary housing with friends to rental and now back home to California. It’s been a whirlwind!

I hope I never have to move ever again. However, since we’re in a rental home, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

That said, I hope I’ll be better prepared the next time around. I’ve got a lot of practice under my belt! Here’s what I’ve learned through it all.

Collect your moving supplies as early as possible.

There are a tremendous number of moving supplies for sale to help you protect your worldly possessions. You can drop some serious coin if you were to purchase them all.

Do you need them all? Not really. But there are several that can make the moving process easier and (in my opinion) are worth the expense. Of course, try to collect these for free whenever possible.

How to find moving supplies for free:

  • Use the internet and social media. Check Craigslist and post a notice on your social media page and any local group pages to which you belong. During our move last summer, a gal from my local Mothers of Preschoolers group was just finishing off a move. I posted my plea on Facebook and she responded that she had TONS of supplies — boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap for me. It was a win-win for us both — she got it out of her house and I got free moving supplies.
  • Go to local stores. This move, we had the best success with getting boxes from liquor stores and a bike shop. Liquor boxes are small and sturdy — perfect for books and breakables. We snagged some bike boxes that large and slender — just right for large and unwieldy items like large frames and mirrors. Of course, check the usual grocery stores, photocopy stores, and malls. Talk to the store ahead of time and find out what days they stock their shelves. If they know you’re coming, they just might keep the boxes intact for you. [Continue reading...]

Bonus Feature #3 {Yes, Really}

Did you preorder a copy (or two) of my new book, Good Cheap Eats? I’ve got another bonus feature waiting for you. 

Bonus Feature #3 - Did you preorder a copy (or two) of my new book, Good Cheap Eats? I’ve got another bonus feature waiting for you.

Blogging has been such a wonderful experience for me. I’ve met so many great people over the years, yourself included. ;) One of those sweet people is my friend Amy. We met at a blogging conference almost five years ago. Since then I’ve taken her to her first hockey game and driven her a steep windy road in the California mountains. She has helped me navigate taxis and airports as well as taught me a lot about wine.

I’m not a big drinker, but I couldn’t really call myself a lover of all things French if I didn’t enjoy the occasional glass of wine with dinner. Amy is my go-to girl for all things viniculture. A few years ago Amy decided to educate herself about wine and has since built a successful wine blog and developed a wine app to help folks like you and me figure out what kinds of wine we like.

Amy has also been one of my biggest cheerleaders in this cookbook writing business. She’s tested recipes, offered feedback, and generally been a big part of my rooting section.

One thing she did for me this summer is study the recipes in Good Cheap Eats and match them with budget-friendly wines. How cool is that?!

Unless you are a wine connoisseur — which I’m not — it can be difficult to choose the right wine to go with your meal. It really can make a difference! In case you didn’t know, a good wine paired with the right meal can make both taste out of this world remarkable. A bad pairing can be totally disappointing. Amy is full of knowledge on this point which is why I regularly text her from the wine aisle of Ralphs for feedback.

Bonus Feature #3 - Did you preorder a copy (or two) of my new book, Good Cheap Eats? I’ve got another bonus feature waiting for you.

This week’s bonus feature is a wonderful wine pairing booklet to help you find great wines to go with the recipes in Good Cheap Eats.

Basically, Amy wrote an ebook on my behalf. The booklet is full of tips and tricks for choosing, serving, and storing wine as well as which ones to buy for which meals in the book. It’s a great resource to help you stretch your dinner and wine dollars a little farther.

Want this ebooklet? You’ll need to pre-order Good Cheap Eats and submit your info on the form by Tuesday, September 2nd.

If you’ve preordered the book, fill out the form below (or go here for the live form). We’ll send you the pdf when the book ships so you’re all ready to go.

Leaving a comment on this post will NOT get you your preorder bonus — though I do love to chat with you. You have to fill out the form. Them’s the rules. Thanks again for your support! I can’t wait for you to have a copy of Good Cheap Eats in your hot little hands.

Disclosure: Thank you for your purchase of Good Cheap Eats. Your support helps keep this show on the road.

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