Common Core Math Is Confusing

As Common Core Math has been implemented in schools, it has left many parents scratching their heads. But, is it all bad? Life as MOM contributor JessieLeigh shares her thoughts on Common Core Math.

Common Core Math Is Confusing |

Over the last couple of years, a majority of states and their corresponding districts have made the decision to align their curricula with “common core standards.” As word of this spread, so did panic and the result was a terrifying mix of legitimate concerns and exaggerated claims.

No matter where you stand on the whole “common core debate”– and, believe me, I am not judging you either way– one thing seems to be consistently true for most parents trying to navigate this new world:

Common core math is confusing.

It doesn’t matter if math was your favorite subject growing up or you just barely got by. It doesn’t matter if you were a straight A student or considered a C to be a huge success. I honestly don’t think I’ve met a parent yet who looks at the new math programming and says, “Ah ha! Yeah, sure. I remember that.” Because we don’t. It’s different. And it’s confusing. [Continue reading…]

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