Tool up for Summer Fun with this Survival Guide

Ready to rock the summer and prevent childhood boredom and crazy moms? The Summer Survival Guide provides everything you need to enjoy the summer and stay sane.

girl at pool

Summer is one of the most poignant times of childhood. Don’t you have fond memories of bon fires, s’mores, backyard campouts, beach trips, and Cherry Limeades on a hot afternoon? You and I both know, these special moments don’t just happen.

Someone has to buy the marshmallows.

Summer vacation is rolling out all across the country, so it’s time to fill your bag of tricks, Mama. And have I got just the trick for you!

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The Weekly Ramble

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

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fig jam

Some weeks I have nothing on my calendar. I like that. I like a clear path just to hunker down and do school, keep house, stay in my little cocoon. Other weeks, every day is dotted with something. Those weeks are hard for me. I haven’t yet mastered the using-your-little-minutes-to-get-something-done thing.

This past week and the weeks to come are going to try my little minutes abilities.

My good friend Jessika is here with her kids this weekend. We had such a good time yesterday laughing over my messes and the idea that I shouldn’t have to clean for a friend as close as family, but that she’s a friend that should be honored with a clean house. The dilemma….

We also devoured a jar of fig jam and a roll of goat cheese. Oh my! Have you tried this combination? It’s amazing! I made my regular baked goat cheese and paired it with the fig jam from my Try the World box Continue Reading »

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