When Your Heart Breaks for a Friend

We all know someone who’s hurting. How do we care for them and help them know they’re not alone?

when your heart breaks for a friend

Recently, an old family friend shared the sad news of her miscarriage via Facebook. She is a young mom whose mother once comforted me many years ago — fifteen, in fact — when I had my three miscarriages. It’s not the first time when my heart has broken for a friend.

You know. It’s happened to you. Someone you know has

  • a child with cancer
  • a husband who’s left
  • a miscarriage
  • infertility issues
  • a husband who doesn’t appreciate her
  • an income that doesn’t cover expenses
  • a chronic illness with no end in sight.

These things break our hearts and we feel hopeless to watch as she suffers. We want to fix things, but we don’t know how. What do we do? [Continue reading…]

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The Weekly Ramble

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004.

disney mom

I just took this quiz; Brave is probably my favorite Disney movie, so I’m good with that.

In other new: FishPapa redid the grout in the kitchen. The tile around the sink was installed improperly and in the wrong color. Long story. The grout for the rest of the kitchen is 15 years old, stained and ugly. The kitchen was off-limits all last weekend as he removed the old grout and wrong color tiles and laid new grout. Sunday night we went to bed with a pristine kitchen.

Earlier that evening I had asked my friends on Facebook to pray that we would have wisdom to troubleshoot FishChick6’s herpes. Her third outbreak since November had been threatening for a week. Her eye hurt, but she couldn’t say for sure that it was herpes. On Saturday we decided to start the meds. Her pink and swollen lid the next day confirmed it was the right decision.

Since I really want to reduce these outbreaks, I asked folks to pray. In the watches of the night, I started running through all the things that she’d eaten the previous weekend and prior to the two previous outbreaks.

What do Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s have in common? [Continue reading…]

5 Steps to Better Bookkeeping

bookkeeping featured

Want to get a handle on your finances and keep better books? Try these five simple steps. While I’m the geekier math person in our family, I’m still not an impeccable bookkeeper. I’m getting better at it, though. I think part of that is because I love the lady who prepares our tax returns. I […]

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Our European Vacation: The Road to Paris

millau viaduct in france

This fall we spent a month abroad where we visited London, Paris, and a handful of cities in Western France. We explored, rested, and learned a ton about ourselves and the world. This is the ninth installment of our European adventure. If you missed it, go to the beginning here. It was with mixed emotions that we left Collioure. […]

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Can You Make Money Blogging?

Can You Make Money Blogging? |

Wondering if you might make some cash or even a living blogging? Stephanie O’Dea’s got the answers in her new book.

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Large Family Logistics

Large Family Logistics | Life as MOM

I didn’t set out to have six kids, but it’s been one of the best things to ever happen to me. That said, our life is a little different than that of smaller families.

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How to Get Things in Order When Chaos Reigns

chaos reigns

Is your home and the disorder of your life about to pull you under? No fear. There’s a way to climb out. Get things in order though chaos reigns.

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This Week’s Dinners for $70 or Less: Easy Meal Plan

Meal plan #5

This week’s easy meal plan is super tasty, can be shopped at Trader Joe’s (though you don’t have to) and comes in under $70.

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