Travel with Kids {An Introduction}

 Want to show your kids the world? You can travel, learn, and explore together without completely losing it. We’ll show you how!

Travel with Kids {an Introduction} -  Want to show your kids the world? You can travel, learn, and explore together without completely losing it. We'll show you how!

When I was a child, the extent of my travels encompassed whatever happened to lie on the interstate between southern California and southeastern Minnesota. Ever stood at the feet of the Jolly Green Giant? I have.

Rarely did we go anywhere else, so important was my dad’s yearly pilgrimage to the Midwest, his birthplace. He still makes that journey each summer, alone, at age 71.

I certainly enjoyed time playing with my cousins, visiting with the Great Aunt Cass, chatting about recipes with my Aunt Peggy or Aunt Sandy, and playing cards or baking with my Gramma John. I learned a ton about road tripping with kids from my mom who tried to bring as much comfort as she could to my dad’s 36-hour marathon drive across country.

At the same time, I wanted to get out, to travel, to see a little bit more of the world besides the same endless miles of cornfields. Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I wanted to see a little bit more than what, for our family, was commonplace.

Early on I got the wild idea to visit France. I was five years old. I kept to that dream even when my dad insisted I take Spanish in high school instead of French. Oh darn. Spanish was full by the time I got to the registration table, Dad.

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Simplify Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles

Make-ahead casseroles simplify mealtime. Try one of these delicious recipes to keep your family happy and well fed on those busy days.

Simplify Mealtime with Make-Ahead Casseroles | Life as MOM

One-dish breakfasts or dinners are just the ticket for fall meals. You can make them ahead; they are warm and cozy; and they taste great. I call that a triple win.

Here we’ve rounded up five simple favorites. All are freezer-friendly, kid-friendly, and budget-friendly.

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We All Have Things We’re Good at…and Things We’re Not

We All Have Things We

Haircuts, couch cushion access to Narnia, and hairy babies? Life as MOM contributor Deanna hilariously brings them all together as she shares her thoughts on our individual strengths and weaknesses as moms. So it’s no secret that I have 3 very small children. And it’s no secret that they keep me very busy. And it’s […]

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Meal Plans for Fall

Meal Plans for Fall - Fall is in the air! Time to alter your meal plans to suit the season.

Fall is in the air! Time to alter your meal plans to suit the season. With the arrival of fall comes a different slant to meal planning. If you live where there are real seasons, you may be getting cozy with soups, stews, and casseroles. If yours is a busy household with fall sports, then you […]

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The Weekly Ramble

swimming pool

The weekly ramble: where I blog like it’s 2004. It’s been a beautiful week here on the homestead. We sold the blue house, enjoyed the pool — all to ourselves — and ate down the freezer so we could unplug and defrost. I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’m riding the heatwave and making the […]

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We’re Really Debt Free!


Paying off your debts is hard, but it’s good. Get the monkey off your back. Money is complicated, isn’t it? It can provide for lots of good things, but it can also cause a lot of headaches and disappointments. When you make mistakes with money, they can haunt you for years. We know that first […]

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5 Great Cakes to Make Yourself

5 Great Cakes You Can Make Yourself - Cake baking isn

Cake baking isn’t rocket science. Our grandmothers didn’t even use recipes. Here are 5 great cakes YOU CAN make. I remember one of my early mommy daze traditions was to make a cake every week. Back then, we rarely had dessert, so it was a special treat for Friday nights. We would watch a VHS […]

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Anna & Elsa Costume Tutorials (FREE Design Template)

DIY Anna and Elsa Costumes from Frozen |

Is someone in your home pining to “let it go” for costume parties this fall? Are you hoping to make an Anna costume but are stumped by the design? You asked for a template, we answered. This post does include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small […]

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