What is Home Management?

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If you’re a mom, you know that there are lots of aspects of life that will thrive under your care and attention: marriage, parenting, housework, finances, your children’s education, your family’s social life (with each other and with other people)…. the list goes on. But, sometimes all these different “spheres” of life can be overwhelming.

Successful home management is organizing all these areas in a way that fits your family’s needs and personalities, most blesses your family, and ultimately brings glory to God.

Since much of my days are spent at home, I often ask myself how I can make my family’s life at home the best it can be. This obviously involves relationships, first and foremost. My husband and children are more important than whether or not the dishes get washed and put away. But, if I’ve got chaos everywhere I turn, I can’t think straight and am tempted to be impatient; all this puts a strain on my relationships. So, having things in order, establishing some routines, and getting the family on board will all work together to make home life much more enjoyable — for everyone.

But, this takes some planning and prioritizing. For me, praying about it to ask God for wisdom comes first.

Then, it’s talking with my husband. Recently, we had a discussion about this very topic. It became evident to me that I was giving precedence to things that were not as important as others. This was a tough conversation to have, but it was a good one as it helped me to think more clearly about the things I need to spend my time on.

Lastly, I need a list! I will forget if I don’t have it written down. I’m not much of a DayPlanner person. I have spent a small fortune on binders and planners that eventually went the way of a garage sale. But, I do like to have a list of some sort to work from. Writing it down helps me to remember it. Often I fill out a grid that lists all my “spheres of responsibilities” as well as the different things I want to do that fit under each one for the week. It helps set my mind to being efficient if I can see it on paper. I list the different areas in order of importance so that if I don’t get to the bottom of the list, I’m not neglecting items of higher priority.

Here is a sample of what that list looks like for me. The first three priorities on my list stay the same; but those that follow change depending on the season or situation. If a family member or friend has an emergency, then caring for them trumps teaching a math lesson or cleaning my toilets. People are more important than things.

What are your priorities for your life as a mother? You may have the same ones as I do. You may have different ones. They may be in different order. Just use this as an idea of how you can visually organize all the areas of life that you want to impact.
How do you get your priorities in line?
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