MOM Deals This Week

This is a wierd week for me. We’re packing everything up and headin’ out of Dodge on Friday. So, potentially I could be nabbing my drugstore deals in the Midwest one day and on the West Coast another.

Working it from all the angles, yes I am.

Going to stock up on snacks for the road on this side. And gather essentials and get back to stockpiling on the other.

Some of my friends are skeptical that I can keep such a tight budget living in California. I am so thankful for all the frugal blogs out there and for the last few months of honing my frugal ways. Those are what keep me hopeful that we will still be able to “act our wage” even in over-priced Southern California.

In fact, I’ve been checking the West Coast grocery story ads online for the past few weeks, and I know there are bargains to be had. Just need time to build up our stockpile.

So, here’s what’s exciting (at least in my book) on the drugstore horizon this week:

* Buy 2 packs of Nabisco cookies (2/$5) and one gallon of milk ($3.39) and receive $3 Register Rewards. Cost = $5.39 for milk and cookies

* 8 packs of Hershey, Nestle, and Mars snack size 3/$3; If you buy $10 Hershey’s 8 Pack Bars, you can get a rebate for $5. Double check the Easy Saver book for details. This should mean that you could get 80 candy bars for $5. (From the ad, it’s hard to tell if the sizes match up, but this could be a great deal if I’m right. )

* Buy 2 Reach products (2/$5), get $5 Register Rewards = free

* More cold medicine at a great price. Buy 3 Robitussin or Dimetapp cold medicines (2/$10) and get $10 back in Register Rewards. That makes it $5 for 3 bottles. If you print coupons here and here, you could get them free or close to! Great thing to stockpile. I bought 6 bottles a few weeks ago, so I hope we’re covered for the winter.


* Buy $15 of assorted candy and get $7 ECBs. The Hershey’s 8 packs are $.88, so (comparing apples to apples) if you bought 18 packages, you would pay $15.84 (+tax) minus $7 ECBs = $8.84 for 144 candy bars, making them about $.06/each. just a tad cheaper than Walgreens. I’m flying solo with three small children, so you can bet I need all the chocolate I can get!

* Buy $25 of Kimberly Clark products such as diapers, toilet paper, and paper towels, get back $10 ECBs. I’ll probably be stocking up on the tp and paper towels: 4 @ $6.49 = 25.96 – $10 = $15.96.

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  1. I think I would need chocolate also if I was flying! I did the diaper deal at CVS. Good luck with your shopping! I hope your moving is coming along great!

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