Christmas is Coming…..

The goose is getting fat.
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. They made us sing that every year in my elementary school’s Christmas program. The song plays in my head every time I hear the words, “Christmas is coming.”

Christmas is, indeed, on its way. We just saw someone putting up Christmas lights on Saturday! (Personally, I think that was a little premature.)

But, there’s a ton of ways that you can be preparing for the holiday that don’t involve climbing your roof.

— Check out Christmas in July. The comments were great. So many recipes, book suggestions, and family fun ideas.

— Visit Simple Mom’s giveaway for great Christmas Card resources. While you’re there, check out her 12 Week Plan for the Holidays.

— Browse Almost Frugal’s collection of Holidays by Hand posts, starting tomorrow.

— Participate in one of the countdowns at Organized Christmas. Even if you don’t play day by day, you’ll think of things to do that you forgot.

— Same goes for all the helpful suggestions at 100 Days to Christmas. You may think you’re late joining the game. But, just do whatever fits your groove.

— Visit Kisses of Sunshine’s carnival of Christmas crafts.

Have you started planning for Christmas? Tell us about it so we can be inspired.

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  1. I was really rolling right along in my Christmas Prep…until morning sickness struck. Now I feel like I’m way behind. I’m close to finishing up my gift buying….I had to set aside the crafty gifts I planned to make….I just don’t have it in me this year. So that added to the gifts-to-buy list. Other than that though, all I really have to do is decorate. And we’ll start that in another week or so. I swear, once Halloween is over, tme FLIES so fast!

  2. I have made my official Christmas Planner that I keep in my purse and record ideas, gifts purchased, etc. You can see it here:

  3. You’re both much farther ahead than I am. BUT, even though I don’t know where 75% of my belongings are (other than in boxes in my garage), I DO know where the Christmas stuff is – big red Rubbermaid totes. And that’s all we need, I suppose. I’ve lived without the rest of the stuff for the last six weeks!

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