Thursday Night Soup

This is a great recipe adapted from the book, A Feast of Soups. It is an all around fantastic cookbook, by the way. I received it as a bridal shower gift and it is a keeper, though it’s copyrighted 1982. Some of the ingredients and language in the book are a tad outdated.

By the way, it’s called Thursday Night Soup because traditionally workers were paid on Friday and so by Thursday night, you’d be using up whatever you had.

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  1. Love your ideas, I’ve been doing things like this for many years during the lean times. Sometimes my now adult kids remember soup in the good china or the wonderful waffles with canned fruit. Life is funny , they never remember little money

  2. Thank you for sharing sounds yummy!

  3. Margery Hilburn says:

    I wonder why you exclude ham from the list of meats to add. I make hambone soup after we have eaten all the Christmas ham, and it allows us to use up every scrap of meat on the hambone. Ham in soup is wonderful.

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      I would agree. As I mentioned in the headnotes, this is adapted from my favorite soup cookbook with my edits. This was the recommendation by the author because depending on the ham it may or may not add to the soup.

  4. Made this last night with leftovers from our fridge–it was excellent! It felt so good to be able to serve the family a hearty soup on a cold winter’s night knowing that it was so frugal. I am definitely adding this into the regular rotation. So many of your recipes are in there already. Many thanks!

  5. When I have leftover vegis from meals, I add them to a baggie I keep in the freezer. Even if it’s just a spoonful, I add it. When I’m in the mood for soup or stew, I have the vegsi ready. It saves time and money.

  6. Vanessa Ball says:

    Leftover gravy in soup?!? GENIUS!!! Why didn’t I think of that? This has opened up so many new soup possibilties

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