Easiest Mac and Cheese (Recipe Swap: Comfort Food)

Food is a great comforter. There is just something about the connection between our taste buds and our brain that can do wonders. I don’t pretend to understand it, but the right foods can make us feel better when the rain has spoiled our parade, when the dog has eaten our homework, when no one likes us and we’re tempted to go eat worms.

There are some foods that are generally known to bring comfort, like chicken noodle soup or macaroni and cheese. Usually, “comfort foods” involve a few fattening ingredients and leave your belly feeling full. And they always taste great!

One of my favorites is the Mac and Cheese that FishPapa and I have been making forever. For some odd reason, most of our kids don’t like it – they have melted cheese issues. That’s okay, that leaves lots for FP and me! I make a batch of this for us and a batch of plain noodles for the kids.

If no one in your family has a cheese psychosis, you’re gonna love this! It’s very easy, very make-ahead and it freezes well also.

How about you? What’s your family’s favorite comfort food. There’s bound to be something you enjoy when you are sick, snowed in, or just need a little pick me up. Today’s the day to share it!

Can’t wait to see what you cook up on a rainy day!


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  1. Nothing says comfort food like mac and cheese. I am posting my favorite version today. And it has sour cream in it like yours.

  2. bassackwards mom says:

    I accidentally deleted your comment when I moderated… just wanted to say I hope you enjoy it!! It’s a family favorite lately!

  3. My kids don't like homemade mac & cheese either. It's not a cheese issue though – I think the powdered kind has some secret addictive ingredient.

  4. My kids won’t even touch the boxed kind!

  5. I never thought to put sour cream in my mac n cheese, but I bet that makes it very smooth. I will try it next time.

  6. Thanks for the swap. I am always looking for more comfort food!

    Andrea in NC

  7. I’m totally down with the mac and cheese. And sometimes we like to do a baked potato bar. We put the potatoes into the crock pot and leave them all day so we don’t find ourselves huddled around the oven at 6pm, starving and asking if they’re done yet! Set out REAL butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits or whatever suits you. MMMM
    Another thing we like is just a simple vegetable plate with 3 of the 4 following:
    1. Sweet potato with maple syrup, butter, and pecans
    2. “Hoppin’ john” (open a can of blackeyed peas and a can of diced tomatoes, add both of them to sauteed onion, green peppers, garlic, and cumin)
    3. Steamed brocolli or cabbage with butter, of course (Do you sense a butter theme here?)
    4. Spaghetti squash with pesto

  8. My favorite comfort foods? Popcorn and mashed potatoes – but not eaten together! :) Chocolate is always a comfort as well!

  9. sally jane says:

    I would like to make and freeze this dish… do I bake it before I freeze? Also – when we want to use it – do I thaw first or just bake? Could you please post "directions for dummies" :) I am new to this whole make ahead and freeze world – it has already really blessed my family though! Thank you!!!!!

  10. Karen from CO says:

    Thank you for an alternative recipe to the boxed mac ‘n cheese! Question for you – should the cubed cheese have been more melted prior to pouring into the baking dish? This was stringier than I thought it would be. Do you have a recommendation for how to make it more creamy? Thank you for your time and your help!

    • Usually, I stir it up pretty well before serving. That seems to work. However, I noticed recently when making sandwiches, that the cheddar I bought at Sprouts melted much stringier than the Tillamook I usually buy. Has me wondering about cheeses….

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