Recipe Swap: In the Kitchen with Kids

When I put together my ebook, FishMama’s Guide to Cooking with Children, my husband protested that it sounded like “Cooking with Fish,” as if the children were the ingredients. Well, they are the ingredients in so far as they are an important component to your life as MOM – in the kitchen. It’s just inevitable.If you’re a mom, chances are your kids are where you are.

The car. The bathroom. The kitchen.

Sometimes, that’s a help, sometimes it’s not. But, if we wrap our brains around the idea that we’re passing on life skills and training helpers to ease the household work load, then it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Lately, as our family has become infatuated with the Food Network, my children have been more apt to pay attention to the details of food. When they dish up their plates at mealtimes, they are creating these avant garde works of art, right down to the sprig of herb on top. It is hilarious! A perfect example of how children learn by imitation.

And what better place for them to do some learnin’ than in the kitchen. We’ve all got to eat, right? So, let’s teach our kids about food preparation. Today’s recipe swap is a chance for you to share a recipe that you like to make with your kids.

I had planned to post our breadstick recipe, but FishBoy6 had different plans. Yesterday as I was preparing the night’s lasagna, he eagerly asked if he could help. How could I say no when it was clear that he really wanted to do it? I had never considered including kids in the making of lasagna. Sounded like too much work.

But, since I had measured everything out already, it worked out great. He really enjoyed the process of pouring sauce over noodles and sprinkling cheese over sauce. It turned out to be a great thing to prepare with children. And he insisted that we take a photo when we were done.

If you don’t have a lasagna recipe to write home about, you need to try this one. I found it right before the holidays, and it has proven to be a fantastic addition to my repertoire. Now, I can add it to FishBoy’s repertoire as well.

It is flexible enough that you can tailor it to your tastes and your pantry, but consistent enough that it always tastes great. My kids used to be so-so on lasagna, now they devour it!

What’s a recipe that you like to make with your children? Please share it with us!

There are two ways to participate in this week’s recipe swap:

1. Post your recipe on your blog. Please mention in your post. Then, come back here to add your link to Mr. Linky below. (Find instructions for Mr. Linky here.)

2. If you don’t have a blog, simply tell us about your recipe in the comments section.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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  1. I do not have a particular recipe. But for about 6 months everytime we sat down for supper one or more of our children would complain about what was for supper. SO we now let them in on the planning for suppers for the week. Then they are “in charge” of supper one night a week. They help with everything. It is a great way to get them involve in cooking. We have found that if they make the supper they are more likely to try something new. They are far less picky than before.

  2. Well, when you announced this recipe swap theme last week I figured I’d post about my kids helping me make pizza on Monday. Since we all know how that turned out… I guess I won’t be posting about pizza. 😉 We are getting ready to make some cinnamon rolls. Maybe I’ll be back with some pictures… provided my site is up and running later. Grrrr

  3. Ummm… I let them make orange juice this morning – does that count? We did make Monkey Bread on Sunday and that was really fun. I used the Martha Stewart

    but the “kid” part is the same in whatever recipe you use. I admit that I am not always in the mood to let them actually “help”. I need to lighten up – I am sure that my skills in the kitchen come primarily from watching and helping both of my parents cook. I want my boys to have that story too…

  4. CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home says:

    We celebrat “Family Fun” every Saturday night when the kids join in making our meal! So far we’ve made pizza and lasagna. They’ve had such a blast!

  5. Sorry, Amy I didn’t see your comment before I posted about pizza. But I guess we probably all make pizza’s with our kids. What more kid friendly dish could there be for both eating and making. All my kids like to help, but my three year old wouldn’t MISS making pizzas!

  6. I really wanted to get a post for this done today but didn’t have time. I have been thinking about posting more about cooking with my kids. I asked yesterday on my blog if there was intrest in it and I got quite a bit. So I am going to post more cooking with kids things. I think it is a great theme maybe you could do another recipe swap for cooking with kids in the future.

  7. mama hall says:

    This is my favorite thing to make with my 4yo daughter:
    Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal

  8. You are right, wherever I am, my kids are also. Especially the the bathroom. LOL. I do a lot of cooking with my kiddos. Here is a super simple one I made with my 2- and 4-year olds:
    Cinnamon Bites

  9. If you want to freeze the lasagna, do you cook it first or assemble, freeze, then bake it?

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      I freeze before baking. It’s a personal preference. Some people do it the other way, but I think it tastes fresher to freeze first.

  10. I tried to click on the link for the lasagna recipe and it took me to another site but nothing about lasagna. I even tried searching their site and didn’t find it. Can you help, please?

  11. Gail LaVasseur says:

    My oldest son and I made Pizza Sticks. You need: 3 Boxes of Garlic bread sticks cheap is fine. I sprayed the cookie sheet. I used a lg and a sm cookie sheet. Pre-heat oven 350*. Line up bread stick on sheets. Then sprinkle Parm cheese on them. Kroger has Mini Pep 2/$6 I bought both. Lay the pep in a roll on the sticks. Then put Mozz cheese on top of the Pep. Bake according to Bread Sticks directions. Heat pizza sauce. I used spaghetti sauce. I also put ranch dressing on the table. The leftover pep was used to top baked potatos.

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