Chicken Salad Sandwiches (Recipe Swap: Lunchbox Love)

When I was in high school, I was allowed $5 per week for lunch money. No, I didn’t live during the Depression. Let’s just say frugality runs in my veins. Take it up with my dad.

Due to my limited budget, I learned to compensate by packing a lunch. Pops didn’t mind springing for groceries. Thankfully, my girlfriends brown bagged it as well. We enjoyed creating all sorts of yummy sandwiches. While I didn’t have this recipe back then, I think it’s probably one that some of us would have enjoyed. (Jen doesn’t do mayo.)

It’s a FishFamily favorite. Hope you enjoy it!

What do you like to pack for lunches? I’d love to see what packable meals you make!

There are two ways to participate in this week’s recipe swap:

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2. If you don’t have a blog, simply tell us about your recipe in the comments section.

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  1. lerinleigh says:

    My son ins’t in school yet, but I make my husband lunch every morning. It’s very unexciting, but he requests it every day…pbj! I just give him some different chips/crackers each day, and throw in some yogurt and granola-ish bars or a peice of fruit. Then top it off with a few snacks and drinks. He’s still a growin’ boy! (And by “growing” I mean expanding!)

  2. JessieLeigh says:

    I pack hubby’s lunch for him everyday and, usually, it ends up being leftovers and some kind of little snack. I’m not married to guy with a huge appetite and he’s a bank manager so, well, he’s at a desk all day!

    Leftovers aren’t too exciting, but I do periodically tuck little love notes in there. I recently discovered he has saved them all (from all these years!) in the corner of one of his drawers… I found that sweet.

  3. $5 Dinner Mom says:

    Fun! I don’t have a post about this, but my Hubs takes his lunch to work. Standard Turkey Sandwich, yogurt, granola bar and piece of fruit. I send a GFCFSF snack with my oldest to preschool. I would send healthier snacks for him anyways, cuz lets just say the PK snacks are loaded with white flour and HF corn syrup. Yuck! No thanks!

    Your recipe for chicken salad looks delish!

    :) Erin

  4. Mrs. Querido says:

    I pack a lunch for my husband every day. I try to mix it up so he doesn’t get bored. Actually, I don’t pack him a lot of sandwiches because he isn’t a sandwich guy. Last night I made him steak and corn for his lunch today.

    He likes hot meals, not cold and he HATES leftovers.

    What is a frugal gal to do? I grew up on leftovers and sandwiches. Sigh. But I love him so I figure out ways to make lunch interesting. I like to see what I can make that will make his co-workers drool with envy :)

  5. Mrs. Querido says:

    Oh, and I love chicken salad! Except we eat ours on tostadas…what can I say, I married a Mexican! I love the crunch it gives to an otherwise squishy meal :) Try it sometime, you might like it.

  6. Zimms Zoo says:

    I don’t have any particular
    recipes for our lunch. he doesn’t mind leftovers and has a microwave at his office so he likes hot meals if possible.

    In the summer I put frozen fruit in too and it is just thawed when he is ready for it and it cools him off when he has to work in the warehouse in the heat of summer.

  7. This is the hardest one. I have meat and potatoes guys and a picky 8 yr. I have just got her to try apples here at christmas. My teen is not picky, but the rest are.
    I have the hardest time finding snacks for after school and I hate to see them snack on chips or go through the cabinets looking for something quick when I am fixing supper.

  8. Do you ever make chicken salad from chicken you’ve thawed from the freezer?

    I’ve craved my chicken salad like no tomorrow this time while pregnant! And I’ve made it a LOT.

    However, I’m afraid to make it with chicken from my freezer in fear that it would be a ‘soggier’ tasting chicken (if there is such a thing!).

    Have you tried it? What do you think, oh Freezer Cooking FishMama? :)


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