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I enjoy Thursdays so much! It is a great time for me to browse a ton of new recipes. Thank you to everyone who participated last week. I hope you had a chance to peruse the different Easter Meal Ideas that readers shared. Many were some of our family’s old standbys, including cheesy potatoes and that berry-pretzel salad. Kate’s Quiche was a new one that sounds particularly good.

Come back this week for Easter Desserts!

And so that you can plan (and drool), here are the upcoming topics on URS:

This week – Easter Dessert and/or Your Easter Menu
April 16 – A Cookie Throwdown – who’s got the best Cookie Recipe? (lots of baking action happening next week, so stay tuned!)
April 23 – Meatless Main Dishes (emphasis on Main dish, dessert doesn’t qualify, sorry!)
April 30 – Mexican Fiesta (in time for Cinco de Mayo)
May 7 – Mother’s Day Menus and Recipes
May 14 – Romantic Meal
May 21 – Bday Supper
May 28 – Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Out

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  1. Shannon "Coupon Princess" says:

    Your blog is so helpful, thanks and I gave you the Lemonade Award! Check it out here

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