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13 Ways to Stay Safer on the Streets

Posted By Jessica Fisher On May 21, 2009 @ 5:27 pm In Health and Safety | 7 Comments

A year ago today, car and street safety was heavy on my mind. We had watched the movie Bella [5] the same week that Maria Chapman [6] passed away in a tragic auto accident. Talk about a sobering week.

Counting six little heads when we’re out and about is my habit, but all the more so when we’re on the road or near cars and streets. While it’s true that we can’t control every circumstance or avoid every tragedy, we can do what we can do to make the streets safer for our families and for someone else’s.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Always wear a helmet when biking, skating, and scootering. Make sure your kiddos (and hubby) do, too.

2. Hang up your cell phone and stop texting. Even if you’re a pedestrian, it makes sense to pay full attention to the cars around you and your little ones. Sit in your parked car and finish your conversation before trying to herd your children into the store while talking on your phone.

3. Make sure everyone’s seat belt is fastened. Don’t even start the car until that has been established.

4. Avoid distractions when driving. Talk to your kids about toning down the music, the chatter, the bickering, in order for you to fully concentrate on your driving.

5. Hold your child’s hand when crossing the street or parking lot. Little ones can bolt from your side faster than you can say, “Hop diggity.” Keep a firm grasp on their paws until you reach your destination.


6. Teach your kids to be mindful of cars. Explain to even the littlest ones what you are doing when you look both ways and around corners for approaching traffic. They’ll learn what they live, so make safe crossing a lifestyle.

7. Hang up your cell phone and stop texting. Nothing is too important that you can’t wait until you stop your car.

8. If you’re going someplace you’ve never been, use google maps or mapquest to determine the best route — ahead of time. Read through the directions before you leave so that you have a sense of the directions.

9. Don’t be a lookyloo. Whether it’s an accident or just something cool to look at, don’t slow down and risk an accident because you’re gawking at the scenery. If it’s truly worth your time, pull over instead of trying to multitask behind the wheel.


10. Likewise, don’t shriek, “Oh my gosh!” and nearly give your husband reason to slam on the brakes just because you see that a CVS is being built a mile from your home.

11. Get ready before you hit the road. Makeup application is best done at home in the bathroom not in the rearview mirror.

12. Keep your vehicle gassed up and in good working condition. Learn to check the fluids and tires yourself so that you’re not stuck with an emergency in the middle of traffic.

13. Did I mention hang up your cell phone and stop texting?

Got another reminder that we could all benefit from? How do you try to be safer behind the wheel?

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