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Reading that got me thinking this week:

I’m inspired by Rachel and Doug’s No Spend Month. We’re being stretched to stay within our spending budget these days. Not as much went into savings in June as we had planned. Birthdays, AC repair for our rental property, a trip out of town — all good things, but not necessarily a slim month. But, I’d love to work ourselves up to a “no spend month”. It sounds like a great exercise.

I’m convicted by Tiffany’s post about staying home to be a mom, not a blogger. Totally needed to hear that one, as I can have way more screen time than face time with my kids if I’m not careful.

I’m feeling my blood stirring over Amy’s post about Cap and Tax Trade. I’ve been guilty of apathy. And if it takes me shopping at five stores to find red, white, and blue sprinkles, the rest of America must be as well. I love our country – and California – too much not to fight for them.

I’m plotting the new school year and finding help in Joy’s great series called, Thirsty Thursday, a resource for any parents wanting to enrich their children’s education, regardless of their family’s school choices.

What got your wheels turning recently?

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