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Meal Planning: Embracing Reality — And Feeding Hobbits

Posted By Jessica Fisher On September 14, 2009 @ 12:20 am In Home Management,Meal Planning | 19 Comments

[4] The FishBoys and their uncles JJ and Jace

It’s been so refreshing to have my “baby” brother, Jace, move in with us. He’s 23 and finishing his last semester in college this year. There’s a fairly large age difference between us. I did change his diapers, after all. He was our ringbearer when he was 8 years old. So, FishPapa has been a bro to him for a long time. We know this boy well and he’s a great addition to our household.

Not only does he provide us with free babysitting — for SIX KIDS — once a week for date night, but he offers me great perspective when it comes to my kids and their habits and behaviors. We’ve chatted about every topic under the sun.

Last night we discussed the FishKids and their neverending hunger. He turned to me and said, “No offense, but they ask for something to eat all. the. time. And, honestly, it’s wearing me out.”

Yes, bro, I feel your pain.

Embracing Reality
On the one hand, I have to embrace the reality of my life:

  • I have six children, aged 1 to 12, healthy growing children with extremely healthy appetites.
  • We are home all day with access to a kitchen.
  • They are hobbits. They understand what Pippin means when he asks for second breakfast, elevensies, and luncheon. They are always hungry. No sooner have we eaten a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast, and someone will say, “Mama, what can I have to eat?” They would eat all day if they could.

Ahhhhhhhh!{tearing out hair}

But, the reality of that is my brother or FishPapa or I going bonkers with their constant requests for food. Unfortunately, I’m not so good at keeping to a schedule that there are strict mealtimes.

So, we did some troubleshooting and came up with some ideas to maintain our sanity and fit the reality of FishLife. Last week’s lunchbox-themed Ultimate Recipe Swap [5] offered some inspiration in this way.

Feeding Hobbits
Plan A: each kid gets his own lunch box filled with snack and lunch packed the night before. Freedom given to eat whatever’s in his box, but that’s it between breakfast and dinner.

Plan B: lunches get made the night before and I make a snack list w/ quotas to post on the fridge, like this:


I’m not sure which plan, if any will work. But, we’re gonna try to

  1. accomodate the Hobbits’ appetites
  2. simplify daytime meals and snacks
  3. keep the kitchen cleaner during school
  4. save me some time and some hair loss

And, in case you’re wondering here are the Meal Plans for the week:


cinnamon rolls
oatmeal and apples [8]
eggs, toast, fruit cup
cereal and fruit
blueberry muffins and smoothies [9]
waffles [10] and fruit
pancakes [11]

reviewing a variety of frozen foods from ConAgra – more on that later
snacky lunch [12]

Carnitas, Homemade Corn Tortillas, Mexican Rice [13]
Chinese Chicken Salad with Noodles [14]
Baked Chicken [15], roasted potatoes, broccoli, biscuits
Chicken Pot Pie and Salad
Pasta with Red Sauce [16], Salad, Foccaccia
Homemade Pizza [17] and Salad

Many of my recipes are now being catalogued at Good (&Cheap) Eats [18].

For more meal planning inspiration, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie [19].

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