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Freezer Cooking Day Update

Posted By Jessica Fisher On November 3, 2009 @ 8:29 pm In Freezer Cooking,Home Management,Meal Planning,Time Management | 13 Comments


Here’s what my kitchen looks like at the moment. I’ve been working pretty steadily since about 7 am, with a myriad of stops to answer the phone, put FishBaby down for nap, make sure the kids are on task with math lessons, start a history video, drink my coffee, and feed hobbits.

The kitchen is obviously a wreck, so it’s time to reset: eat some lunch, clean up, make sure kids are contented and on task with their independent work.

(For those curious, yesterday was intensive school lesson day. I explained a lot of my boys’ activities then, so they know what to read, write, or compute today. They will also each be tackling a baking recipe. And we’re reviewing our past 11 weeks of history by watching Liberty Kids videos which are a pretty accurate synopsis of the American War for Independence, give or take a few details which my kids are quick to announce. How cool is it that my 7 year old’s comment about the fire on Lexington was, “Isn’t that the Shot that Was Heard ‘Round the World?” {FishMama smiles proudly.} And sighs in relief that Freezer Cooking Day and homeschool are mixing well.)

Here’s my kitchen update. Remember this?

My Cooking Plan
Chop: onions, chuck roast
Slice: chicken, apples
Grate: cheese
Cook: pinto beans

Order of Meal Assembly:

1. Soak beans overnight.
2. In morning, rinse beans and get cooking in crockpot.
3. Start foccaccia dough.
4. Slice chicken for different recipes
5. Make chicken marinades.
6. Combine chicken and marinades in bags.
7. Set foccaccia dough to rise in pans.
8. Start pizza dough.
9. Assemble cheesewiches, wrap and freeze.
10. Prepare pie dough.
11. Peel apples.
12. Prepare applesauce in crockpot.
13. Assemble slab apple pies.
14. Form pizza dough balls and freeze.
15. Cube chuck roast.
16. When beans are done, cool and package. Use that crockpot for shredded beef.
17. Start Touchdown Chili.
18. Prepare marshmallows – allow to set overnight.
19. Prepare mixes assembly line fashion.
20. Prepare Indian Shuck Bread.
21. Prepare Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not too bad for a morning’s work. The kids love helping peel apples, so I know I’ll have help after lunch. Not sure how far we’ll get through our list. I’ll be sure to report later.

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