Last Minute Thanksgiving Helps

Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Cookbook

The best laid plans some times go awry. Or perhaps life has been so crazy recently that you’re finally getting a chance to take a deep breath before the holidays begin in full force. I know that for me sometimes these big events can sneak up on me. In those moments I find myself wishing….

Wishing for more time. Wishing for a brilliant idea. Wishing for something fun and meaningful to do with the kids. Wishing that I knew what in the world was wrong with my turkey!

It’s getting close to Thanksgiving and you may be at a loss for decoration ideas, food inspiration, or even just a few entertainments for the kids (and adults). It’s amazing what you can come up with at the last minute. And here are some last-minute helps and free downloads to help you in all these areas!

Got another question or idea? Don’t forget to come back this afternoon for the Last-Minute Thanksgiving Help and Inspiration URS.

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