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Personalized Household Notebook – Doing It My Way

Posted By Jessica Fisher On January 11, 2010 @ 9:34 pm In Home Management,Homekeeping | 39 Comments

personalized spiral bound notebook [4]

Every successful woman uses some kind of organizational method. I’m not saying that she uses something complicated. But, unless she’s got a photographic memory or a million hired hands, the with-it woman has her ducks in a row, and someway to organize them.

And I want to be a with-it woman.

So, I’ve been working on how to get my act together — for like twenty years! I’ve done the clipboard [5] and the binder [6] and they just don’t completely satisfy my needs to get with the program.

(True confessions: I set up a notebook at least once a year, but somewhere along the way, it falls into disrepair and ends up dusty on a shelf. Then I revert to planner sheets on a clipboard.)

I’m still fine-tuning a system that truly works for me. And what I found out about myself is that

  1. I like things to be simple. If it’s too complicated, I just won’t use it.
  2. I like it to be compact. I don’t want to fuss with a big bulky binder on the countertop. I need to be able to carry it all over the place with ease.
  3. I like love ADORE spiral-bound notebooks. I buy them when they’re super cheap [7]and then use them for everything. I’ve got four or five going right now.
  4. I can make my own spiral-bound notebook!

Well, the copy shop can, anyway.

Over the weekend, I printed out calendars, to-do sheets, and 92-different kinds of forms. I dug up some lovely green cardstock – eight sheets were left, exactly as many as I needed. And today after our library trip, I hauled all six kids into Fedex to get my new planner bound in a coil binding.

It was a happy day. I came home and started planning my life. I even made doctor’s appointments that I’ve been putting off because I didn’t have a good place to write it all down. I think that this might actually work to help me stay motivated and organized. Here’s hoping!

What do you do to get with-it?

** Visit DIY Day [8] to find more helpful tips for making things yourself.

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