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My Household Planner Revealed (& a Few Free Downloads)

Posted By Jessica Fisher On March 8, 2010 @ 1:52 am In Home Management,Homekeeping,Time Management | 77 Comments

In 2010, I shared this post which includes some free printables that I used at the time. Those pages have been updated and are available in my ebook, Organizing Life as MOM [4], which is a complete handbook for creating a household planner.


Remember this? Awhile back I told you about my household notebook in which I busted out of the binder and had a planner spiral bound [6]. I realize that for some this might seem wasteful because it’s a consumable product instead of a reusable one. But I actually use this planner, whereas I have shelves of abandoned binders that didn’t work for me.

What I love about the spiral planner:

  1. It’s compact. Since it’s spiral bound, it can fold back on itself and take up very little space on the countertop. This makes me more likely to have it handy, to write in it, to carry it around the house with me.
  2. It’s highly portable. Due to its compact nature, it’s pretty easy for me to tuck it into a tote bag and take it along to the doctor’s office, on errands, or on trips.
  3. It’s easier to write in. I love the ease of a spiral notebook and how it doesn’t interfere in writing in the same way that those three rings do.

So, this is what works for me. Maybe it will work for you, too.

I’ve struggled for years to find a planner and checklists that would help me do my work. And I’ve seen some good ones. But, I still found myself  making up my own forms on the computer, tailoring my worksheets to fit my daily life. As you’ll see, I’m a little OCD in that I like to check off things to feel productive and I need to see a lot of detail in writing, otherwise I drift to things not on my “to do” list.

Today I thought I’d spill my guts. Or at least the guts of my notebook. Here are some of the things I’ve included in my planner:

Priorities [7] – this is a form I use for identifying and remembering my priorities, making goals, and setting a plan of action to achieve those goals. This downloadable includes a blank form in case your priorities aren’t the same as mine. ;)


2010 Calendar and Dates to Remember Page [8] – Last year was a nightmare in terms of calendars. I never knew who had what dentist or orthodontist appointment because I didn’t have a central place to write all our appointments. I had them written in several spots which makes for missed appointments. This year I made up a two page spread/month calendar which allows me lots of space to fill in all sorts of activities and events. I even impressed my husband with this one — that’s one of my joys in life — to impress my hubby.

Obviously, the 2010 calendars are outdated. You can purchase the current calendars [4] for only $3 in the Life as MOM estore [9].

personalized spiral bound notebook [10]

Daily Checklist [11] – here is the template for my everyday. See what I mean about OCD? Can’t help it. I like to tell myself what to do. (The Morning and Evening High Fives [12] are lists of chores for the kids to complete, but I have to remember to follow up.)


Monthly Meal Plan [13] – I’ve been planning a month of meals for quite some time now. At first I just printed off a simple calendar grid, but for the last few months, I’ve resorted to this kind of list. I love having a month planned at once [14]. It helps me save so much time!

Weekly Household Chores Checklist [15] – This list is customized to my home, but I think it might fit yours, too. I also try to have a loose weekly schedule for when to do which tasks, but that changes with the seasons.


What kinds of planning pages do you use in your household notebook? Don’t have one? Why not?

olam_125Right now you can purchase my latest ebook, Organizing Life as MOM [4], newly revised which includes 198 pages of inspiration and planning ideas. 118 pages are fillable planning sheets, meaning you can customize them to fit your life, your family, and YOU.

This is the ultimate household notebook manual. The pages have been updated and redesigned — and, honestly, they are a lot cuter than the free ones here.

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