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Preparing for Freezer Cooking

Posted By Jessica Fisher On March 27, 2010 @ 1:33 am In Freezer Cooking,Good Eats | 26 Comments

[4]The other day I emptied my freezer and took stock. Yes, I was a little lax in keeping up on my freezer inventory sheet [5] this past month, so I wasn’t completely sure what all was there. Now I know what we have and what we need. Lo and behold, there are 20 meals already to go for this tail end of March and into April. I like this alternating “cook-like-a-crazy-woman-one-month” and then”breeze-through-the-next-month” kind of freezer cooking. So, I think May is my turn to be crazy ’cause this go-round I’m going to take it easy and work on breakfasts, lunches, and a few side dishes.

Feeding eight people three times a day is still a fair amount of work, so I guess “breezing through” might be a little exaggeration. But, at least I won’t have to shell out a lot of cash on main dishes.

Starting on Wednesday, March 31 and continuing on through Friday, April 2, my friend Crystal from Money Saving Mom [6] and I will be sharing our latest freezer cooking adventures. Feel free to cook along with us or just wield your spoon vicariously through us. We’ve both found that making this a regular practice helps us save time, money, and headaches, not to mention a few pounds in avoiding fast food on crazy nights.

Freezer cooking is a wonderful way for you to have convenience items on hand that fit your budget as well as your tastes. If you’re new to freezer cooking and would like to learn about it, I have a little light reading for you to do.

Freezer Cooking Basics [7] – a brief discussion of convenience foods and my rationale for why freezer cooking will benefit you as well as the basic “how-to”

Freezer Cooking Survival Guide [8] – helps for the big cooking day

Be Prepared! [9] – a pre-cooking day checklist

How to Plan a Freezer Cooking Day [10]MoneySavingMom’ [6]s tips as well as free downloadable planning sheets

Planning for Freezer Cooking: A Detailed Approach [11] – includes free downloadable planning sheets

Making Freezer Cooking Work for You [12] – tips and encouragement for those who don’t want to eat casseroles all month long

How to Have a Freezer Cooking Day if You Don’t Have a Deep Freezer [13] – vlog and tips for making the most of your refrigerator/freezer

A Freezer Alarm Could Save Your Bacon [14] – protect your investment with an alarm

How to Pack Food in Freezer Bags and Reduce Freezer Burn [15] – a video demonstration of how to seal foods more airtight without a fancy machine. (Do not use this method on raw meats or eggs.)

4 Freezer Cooking Cookbooks [16] – some helpful resources

What Can You Freeze? [17] – my list of what works for me

Shopping for Freezer Cooking [18] – how I approach shopping

Freezer Cooking on the Cheap [19] – ways to save make this an economical approach to meal planning

URS: Make-Ahead Meals [20] – a great collection of recipes from readers

How to Cook with Kids on a Big Cooking Day [21] – lessons learned from the trenches

How to Keep Track of Your Freezer Inventory [5] – yes, I’ll be practicing what I preach this month!

Freezer Cooking Storage and Methods of Packaging [22]

Foil-Wrapped Freezer Meals [23]

Be Your Own Prep-Chef [24]

As for me, I’ll be sharing my cooking plan early next week as well as some Holiday Meal tips and how you can even do some pre-prep for the feasts you may have in the coming weeks.

Are you “freezer cooking” yet? Why or why not?

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