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Meal Planning: May Already?

Posted By Jessica Fisher On May 2, 2010 @ 6:09 pm In Good Eats,Meal Planning | 12 Comments


Broccoli Slaw with Pecans and Cranberries [5]

I am amazed that May is already here. And it seems like our calendar is filling quickly.

May is actually quite the interesting month around here as my husband experiences the FishMama Trifecta, also known as Mother’s Day, Our Anniversary, and My Birthday all in a 20 day span of time. Plus, at least two family trips. Oh yes, the party never ends around here. We also have three FishKids birthdays thrown into the next 6 weeks, so prepare to see some birthday cakes!

Now that I think about it, I’m doubly glad that I spent all of Friday cooking to put meals in the freezer for the rest of the month. May is going to be crazy!

May Meal Plan and How Freezer Cooking Fits In

1. Free for All – Mom’s tired and FishBoys have  a birthday party to go to.

2. Family trip

3. Asian Noodle Salad [6]with Grilled, Marinated Chicken [7] - The chicken and marinade [7] are in the freezer. I’ll chop veggies for the salad, boil noodles, and whisk up the dressing.

4. Grilled Fish, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Salad – Fish rub is already made for a quick grill, mashed potatoes from the freezer, make a quick salad

5. Baked Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli Slaw [5]- Chicken is prebaked and frozen. We’ll warm it on the grill and sauce it. Rice pilaf comes together quickly as does the broccoli slaw [5].

6. Chicken and Bacon Sub, Green Salad, Veggies and Dip – The large sub sandwich is in the freezer, ready to throw into a hot oven. Salad and veggies are an easy side.

7. Pizza Night – I made several matza breads [8]and stored them in the freezer with containers of red sauce [9] and bags of cheese. This will be an easy night for pizza.

8. Grilled Dijon Chicken [7], Roast Potatoes, Green Salad, and Rolls – The chicken and marinade [7] are in the freezer. The sides come together quickly.

9. Pasta with Meatballs and Red Sauce [9], Garlic Bread, Steamed Vegetable – The meatballs, sauce [9], and garlic bread are already in the freezer. Boil a pot of noodles and steam some veggies.

10. Caesar Salad [10] with Shredded Chicken [9], Butterhorns – The chicken is cooked, shredded, and frozen as are the butterhorns.

11. Beef Tacos, Fruit Salad [11] [11]- The taco meat [12]is already to go, stored in the freezer with a bag of shredded cheese. Add shells and other toppings, stir up a fruit salad. I like mine layered [11].

12. Pasta with Shrimp [13], Cheddar Biscuits, Veggies – The biscuit mix is a freezer component. The pasta dish [13] is an easy one.

13. Grilled SW Chicken [7], Mexican Rice [14], Green Salad – The chicken and marinade [7] are in the freezer. The sides are quick to prepare.

14. Anniversary Dinner

15. Chimichangas [15] and Fruit Salad – I made the burritos [15] during this month’s freezer cooking and will bake those and serve with some toppings and a fruit salad.

16. Baked Chicken, Roast Potatoes, and Green Salad – The chicken is prebaked and frozen. Potatoes and Green Salad are easy side dishes.

17. Grilled Fish, Seasoned Rice [16], and Steamed Veggies – An easy dinner to throw together. I’m thinking I might be able to cook the rice and steam the veggies at the same time in the rice cooker.

18. Grilled Dijon Chicken [7], Couscous Salad [17], Green Salad, and Pita Bread – The chicken and marinade [7]are frozen.

19. Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Steamed Veggies – The meatballs and mashed potatoes are made and frozen. The rest is easy to pull together.

20. Family Field Trip

21. Birthday Dinner

22. Stuffed Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Green Salad – The chicken is made and frozen. The rice and salad are easy to throw together.

23. Hot Dogs with Homemade Buns [18], Pasta Salad [19], Veggies and Dip

24. Grilled Chicken [7], Home Fries, Salad, Garlic Bread – The marinated chicken [7]and garlic bread are frozen and ready to go.

25. Beef Tacos, Fruit Salad [11] [11]- The taco meat [12] is already to go, stored in the freezer with a bag of shredded cheese. Add shells and other toppings, stir up a fruit salad. I like mine layered [11].

26. Burritos [15], Veggies and Dip – I made the burritos [15] during this month’s freezer cooking and will bake those and serve with some toppings and a veggie tray.

27. Birthday Dinner

28. Pizza [20] and ChiChi’s Salad [21] – The sauce [9], cheese, and other toppings are all prepped and ready to go in the freezer.

29. Baked Chicken, Green Salad, Rolls – The chicken is prebaked and frozen. Rolls and Green Salad are easy side dishes.

30. Grilled Fish, Rice, and Vegetables

31. Grilled Tri-Tip, Mashed Potatoes, Green Salad – The mashed potatoes are in the freezer.

What have you got cooking this week? Be sure to share it over at I’m an Organizing Junkie [22].

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