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Birthday Cake Round-Up: To Infinity and Beyond!

Posted By Jessica Fisher On June 16, 2010 @ 7:04 pm In Bday Cake Round-Up,Cakes,URS | Comments Disabled

bob the builder [4]

Don’t you just love birthday cakes?! My first “fun” birthday cake was a Big Mac. Really, it was. I was a spoiled only child for several years and somewhere in that time period, I got a special birthday party at McDonalds, complete with a hamburger shaped cake. Too cool. After that, it was hit and miss on the birthday cakes. Probably because we never thought to dress up a plain cake with frosting, candy, and toys.

It’s by far the simplest way to make a themed cake. And my contribution today’s Birthday Cake Round-Up is no different. I just have the most success decorating cakes this way. Ya gotta go with your strengths, ya know?

Tomorrow Toy Story 3 opens in theaters so I thought it was perfect timing to make a Toy Story cake, featuring Buzz Lightyear [5]. He’s one of our favorites. However, much to my chagrin, my 6 year old thinks his name is “Buzz Light.” Thank you, Football Season and Anheuser-Busch!


This was a very fun and easy cake to make, one that you could replicate in a snap [5]. Check out the tutorial [5] for simple directions.

But, there’s no limit to fun birthday cakes that your kids will love.

Check out these great cakes from LifeasMOM readers.

From Kristen:


From Sherry:



From Jessica:


From Julie:



From Susan:



From Amber:



From Karen:


From Heather [18]:


From Morgan:


What’s a fun, creative cake you’ve made lately?

Share your link below! This is a great way to get ideas and be inspired for your child’s next birthday.

Everyone who participates today (via photo, comment, or link-up) will be entered for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate from Bake It Pretty. [21]

Pop over to Bake It Pretty [21] and take a look. You will be totally amazed at the beautiful baking cups and other items they have to make all your cakes pretty. Oh my! Love it! And buy me something while you’re there. ;)

Giveaway Winner is Mama’s Laundry Talk who shared a Thomas The Tank Engine Cake [22]. Congrats!

If you haven’t baked and decorated your own birthday cakes, well, let me tell you…. You can totally do this. And if you’re not sure, buy my ebook [23].

1. Mommy’s Idea Book (Race Track) [24]
2. To Be Busy at Home (Pokemon Cake) [25]
3. Pirate Cakes [26]
4. To Be Busy at Home (Swimming Bears Pool Cake) [27]
5. Cowboy Cakes [28]
6. A Busy Mom of Two (Star Wars, Abby Cadabby & More!) [29]
7. Dino Cake @ Wonder Woman Wannabe [30]
8. Morristribe:CoolCakes&CakeBusiness [31]
9. Fun Summer BDay Cupcakes @ HoosierHomemade [32]
10. 6-Layer Rainbow Cake (Does Hubby Count As A Kid?) [33]
11. Centsable Momma – Buzz Lightyear & Graduation Cake [34]
12. TopazTook (Princess/Pony Castle) [35]
13. Bekah [36]
14. M&Ms Barrel Cake MY FAVORITE! YUM! [37]
15. Super Mario, Lego Star Wars, and Miffy Birthday Cakes and Plates [38]
16. What’s for Dinner? Theme Cakes [39]
17. Household6Diva {{Disney Pixar WALLE Birthday Cake}} [40]
18. NerdFamily Food (Butterfly Cake) [41]
19. Southernseven [42]
20. Non-Consumer Airplane Bday Cake and Bday Shopping in my Attic [43]
21. Temporary Insanity race track [44]
22. Dinosaur Cake [45]
23. Monster truck, farm and princess cake [46]
24. Princess Party Cake [47]
25. kuka [48]
26. Parenting Miracles (Football Cake) [49]
27. Tara @ Feels Like Home (princess castle cake) [50]
28. Peep Bunny Cake (The Frugal Girl) [51]
29. Mola-Mola Cake (The Frugal Girl) [52]
30. sledding cake [53]
31. Construction, Cars and 1st Birthday! [54]
32. Finding Joy in My Kitchen (Easy Monkey Cake) [55]
33. Cinderella Cake – Lori @ CSP [56]
34. Money Saving Maine-iac, Nellie Moody Jones’ Molasses Whoopie Pie [57]
35. From Blah to Ta-Daa!, Pink Champagne Cake [58]
36. Saving Our Way – 2nd Birthday Fun w/ Elmo Cake! [59]
37. Cortney @ Evan Has Landed (Fondant Girly 1st Birthday Cake) [60]
38. fire truck, dragon & ladybug! [61]
39. Greetings! (Elmo Cake) [62]
40. Anne [63]
41. Princess Cake Video Tutorial [64]
42. The FritzFacts – Skateboard and Bug Mountain [65]
43. Perry the Platypus @ A Few Short Cuts [66]
44. Mamas Laundry Talk (Thomas Cake) [22]
45. Bugaboo @ Dirt Poor, Filthy Rich [The Ultimate Indulgence] [67]
46. Susie’s Homemade [68]
47. Kim B [69]
48. Chandy (Star Wars Birthday Cake) [70]
49. Tracye [71]
50. Alligator Cake @Kelleigh’s [72]
51. Once A Month Mom – Go Dog Go! [73]
52. Erin [74]
53. erin hutchison [75]
54. Cheapo McFrugalpants [76]
55. Barn Cake and Animal Cupcakes (Shelly) [77]
56. Apple Crisps [78]
57. Odd Mom (My daughter’s Sweet 16 Mocha Chocolate Chip Cake) [79]
58. 3 Little Monkeys (Rainbow Cake) [80]
59. Simply Staci – Bumblebee Cakes [81]
60. Taryn (Curious George, Lightning McQueen, Farm Animal Cake, Jungle Cake) [82]
61. Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC (Checkerboard Cake) [83]
62. Building Shangrila one Deal at a Time! [84]
63. Mom2KayleeGrace [85]
64. Teddy Bear made out of cupcakes [86]

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