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Camp Wannalaffalotta: Gone to the Dogs

Posted By Jessica Fisher On June 23, 2010 @ 11:26 am In Camp Wannalaffalotta | 16 Comments


Summer days can slip by before you know it. Make the most of it by planning a few enrichment activities to enjoy with your children through out the next few weeks and months. After all, all of life is learning. And summer learning can be the most enjoyable, especially since the pressure’s off.

[5]Photo Source: bobmarley753 [6]

Camp Wannalaffalotta [7] is a great way to combine summer fun and learning. This week we take you to a Dog’s Life. It’s amazing how many books, movies, and activities surround Man’s Best Friend. Not only can your kids learn about zoology, but there’s a wealth of understanding in human relationships to be found in dog stories. Not to mention just plain fun.

Practically Free Fun

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun and enjoy learning and playing with your kids. Make the internet and the library serve you well this summer. Enroll your kids in their summer reading program and explore the world of books together.

Many of the following craft suggestions involve regular household items. If something is out of reach, in terms of budget or availability, there is almost always a reasonable substitute, just think outside the box.

[8]Photo Source: alicejamieson [9]

Get Reading!

Make library days a regular part of your summer. We usually choose one day of the week to make Library Day. Sometimes I’ll pack a sack lunch, then we can take our time, not hear rumbling tummies, and not succomb to fast food on the way home. Ask your children’s librarian to point you to the reference books, like A to Zoo [10]. They should have a whole section on books about books. These are directories, organized by age, theme, and author, to help you find books your children might be interested in. Teachers know about these books, but I’m not sure all parents do. This kind of book will help you help your children choose good books.

Picture Books and Easy Readers – we love all these series featuring dogs!
Harry the Dirty Dog [11] by Gene Zion
McDuff Moves [12] in by Rosemary Wells
Mr Putter and Tabby [13] by Cynthia Rylant
Nate the Great [14] by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Clifford the Big Red Dog [15] by Norman Bridwell

non-series books:
Go, Dog, Go! [16] by PD Eastman
The Digging-est Dog [17] by Al Perkins
Only One Woof [18] by James Herriot

Nonfiction Books
Dogs [19] by Gail Gibbons

Chapter Books and Read Alouds
Hank the Cowdog [20] by John R Erickson
Henry and Mudge [21] by Cynthia Rylant

Books for Older Kids
(As always, use discernment and perhaps preread books with more mature themes and situations.)

Old Yeller [22] and Savage Sam [23] by Fred Gipson
The Call of the Wild [24] and White Fang [25] by Jack London
Julie of the Wolves [26] by Jean Craighead George
Where the Red Fern Grows [27] by Wilson Rawls

[28]Photo Source: Laertes [29]

Get a Movie On!

Different families have different standards when it comes to movie viewing. If I haven’t personally seen a movie listed, I’ve checked it through the Dove Foundation’s Movie Reviews [30] or heard good things about it. But our standards may not be yours. Please use discernment in choosing what your children will watch.

Old Yeller [31]
Doogal [32]
Because of Winn-Dixie [33]
The Shaggy Dog [34]
Air Bud [35]
Bolt [36]
Up [37]
Lassie Come Home [38]
The Adventures of Milo and Otis [39]
Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey [40]
Where the Red Fern Grows [41]

and for parents, because it might be boring for kids [42]: Marley and Me [43]


Photo Source: Family Fun [45]

Get Crafting!

How to Draw Dogs [46]
Make a Puppy Portrait Frame [47] using Dog Biscuits (via Family Fun)
Craft a Cheese Dog [45]

Get Out and About!

Visit your local animal shelter, dog breeder, or pet store. Ask lots of questions and get hands-on experience with dogs if you don’t own one yourself.

Get Cooking!

Bake up some Paw Print Dog Treats [48] (via Martha Stewart Living)
Decorate a Go, Dog, Go Party Cake [49](via Once a Month Mom)
Make a Pink Poodle Cake [50]

Get Thinking of More Fun!

Honey for a Child’s Heart [51] by Gladys Hunt
The Read Aloud Handbook [52] by Jim Trelease

Got a Great Idea for Dig-Sized Fun?

Share it!

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