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Grocery Geek Presents: Shopping for Bulk Cooking

Posted By Jessica Fisher On June 5, 2010 @ 1:16 am In Grocery Geek | 9 Comments

[4] As you know by now, I love to go grocery shopping [5]. I love to find good deals [6]. And I love my freezer [7]. Put them all together and you have one happy mom.

Well, sorta. I mean it’s work. Each of those things by itself is work. Don’t get me wrong. But, having them all come together makes the work load seem a little lighter.

This past week my shopping revolved around freezer cooking [8]. And though there have been some great sales on cereal [9] and on produce, sales on ground beef and chicken breasts were a little sparse.

Have a Target Price to Shoot For

I don’t spend more than $2 a pound on ground beef or boneless, skinless chicken breast. My target price on bone-in breast is $1 a pound. And I really didn’t want to pay more than that for the huge amount I would need to buy for freezer cooking.

The other night I was out getting the last on my list. I knew that there were no meat sales to write home about, but I knew I had a raincheck [10] for bone-in chicken breast and I was hopeful that there would be some markdowns [11]. The first store I went to, Ralphs, was a bust on the meat front.

It was late and I knew that the meat counter (where I had to redeem my rain check) was probably closing at Albertsons anyway. I decided to give it a try. I prayed that God would bless me with cheap meat.

(Yes, I think He cares about our grocery budgets, too.)

I went straight to the meat counter and the butcher on duty was still there. Even though he was “technically closed,” he agreed to redeem my rain check [10] and reprice the bone-in chicken breast. I got 20 pounds for $0.87/pound!  While I was waiting, I browsed the ground beef. Lo and Behold! 85% lean beef was marked down to $1.49/pound, better than my target price. Yeah! I bought ten pounds.

(I also talked with the butcher and at least at Albertsons, meat should be good for 4 more days after the sell-by date. I bought it the night before and cooked it on its sell-by date.)


I was one happy mama. I got enough meat and chicken to last us for the meals I had planned for the month.

God is so good.

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