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Freezer Cooking: Dinners and Pizza Kits

Posted By Jessica Fisher On July 12, 2010 @ 2:57 pm In Freezer Cooking | 13 Comments


You wouldn’t think that this meal was a freezer meal, [5] would you? But I marinated the chicken and froze it. The night before serving, I let it thaw in the refrigerator. FishPapa cooked it on the grill while I made up some noodles and veggies. Voila! Asian Chicken Salad with Noodles. [6]

Freezer Cooking is a great way to save time at Dinnertime.

Some of my old standbys for dinner include:

Pizza, Pizza!


Pizza Kits are quickly becoming my new favorite thing. This round of freezer cooking, I bought a huge bag of cheese from Costco and divided it into 1 pound bags. Then, I mixed up multiple batches of Pizza Dough [12]. Based on Aimee’s recommendations [13], I’ve stored the dough balls in both sandwich bags as well as  plastic wrap, then in a larger freezer bag. I’ve found that I prefer the sandwich bags over the wrap as the frozen dough ball is easier to remove from its packaging. I just pull as many dough balls as I think I’ll need and let those rise in a greased dish in the refrigerator.

I also mixed up some of this pizza sauce [14]. Usually, if I’ve got toppings on hand, I prep those as well. I’ve used a lot of shredded chicken [8] lately as well as veggies that I’ve flash frozen, like peppers, onions, and jalapenos. This time, I had hot Italian sausage that I cooked and sliced, cooled, and packed in small freezer bags. We have the basics to make some great-tasting pizzas in the weeks to come.

Put in your freezer kit:

1 ball (or more) of frozen pizza dough, each packed in a sandwich bag

1 to 2 cups favorite sauce in an airtight container

1 pound bag of shredded cheese

pepperoni and other freezer-friendly toppings

Freezer Cooking This Month:

In addition to breakfasts [15], all these ground beef meals [16] and pizza kits, I also marinated chicken breasts [9] and made several loaves of garlic bread [17] with marked down bread. My freezers are both filled to the brim. So, I’m hoping {fingers crossed} that mealtimes will be a little bit easier around here this month.

Curious about freezer cooking? Consider purchasing my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook [18] from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore. It’s chock full with over 200 freezer-friendly recipes, planning pages, shopping lists, cooking plans, and basic and advanced how-to’s to making freezer cooking work for any home, family, and lifestyle.

How did you do?

Share your freezer cooking progress in the linky or in the comments section. Can’t wait to see how it went!


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