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URS: Freezer-Friendly Recipes

Posted By Jessica Fisher On August 4, 2010 @ 7:35 pm In URS | 25 Comments

Ultimate Recipe Swap [4]

Today’s topic for URS is “Freezer-Friendly Recipes.” My deep freeze is one of my very best friends. As I expand my recipe horizons and play with more of our favorite dishes, freezer cooking [5] has become more and more a way of life at our house.

Our family’s life is super busy and it would seem that every minute is accounted for. And while I love to cook, I often find that meal times are so much more pleasant if I’ve done some — or all — of the work ahead of time.

[6]Freezer Smoothies [7]

Efficient Freezer Cooking

If you haven’t jumped on the freezer cooking [5] bandwagon, now is the time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend days in the kitchen to create a month’s worth of meals. Taking my cue from Crystal’s 2-hour plan [8] several months ago, I’ve experimented with being even more efficient in the kitchen. I’ve found that I can create a lot of food in three hours’ time. And when you’re feeding a small army of 8, that’s saying something.

As Back to School approaches [9] for the FishFam, I’m trying to get more organized, and the area where I need mealtime help the most is breakfast. My kids wake up famished. And as I examine our school load for the new year, I realize I’m going to have to hit the ground running. No more lazy daze of summer for this mama!

Generally, when people think of freezer cooking, they don’t usually think about breakfasts. But, in reality, breakfast is actually quite easy to prepare for the freezer [10].

[11]Chocolate Butterhorns [12]

This weekend, I’m going to rustle up some breakfast. And it’s my hope to do it in three hours or less.

Freezer-Friendly Breakfasts

Have you got some favorite freezer-friendly recipes?

Share them with us today! Be sure to link back to this post so everyone else knows where the freezer cooking party is.

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