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Delicious Meals for Fall

Posted By Jessica Fisher On September 20, 2010 @ 1:30 am In Fall,Falling for Fun,Meal Planning | 24 Comments

[4]Bratwurst with Sauteed Peppers and Onions [4]

While we don’t get a “true autumn” here in San Diego, my mood always turns to fall-ish things during September and October. Fall foods are such a favorite at our house, we’re all happy to welcome them back.

And since theme nights are working so well for my menu planning, it made sense to coordinate the two. Not only does it make planning easier, but it also gives my kids an opportunity to give input and have a vested interest in meal times. I quizzed my big boys and compiled some of their favorites into theme night dinners for the coming weeks.

Check out these delicious fall dinner ideas.

[5]Soups, Stews, and Chilis

Personally, I could eat soup everyday, especially if it were cheese soup [6].

But one night a week plus some leftovers for lunch is probably a more realistic expectation from my family.

Some of their favorites include Chihuahua Chili [5], Chicken Noodle [7], and Minestrone [8]. But I’ve also had good success in turning leftovers into great tasting soup [9] as well.

Our family loves to have fun bread on the side like homemade focaccia [10] or popovers.

[11]Meat and Potatoes

My kids are carnivores. And while I try to introduce them to new vegetables and regularly offer meatless meals, their preferences lend themselves to meat and potatoes. So, at least one night a week, we’ll try to have meat as the star of the show. Chicken Smothered in Onions [12], roast chicken [13], roast beef, or meatballs accompanied by mashed potatoes [11] are sure-fire hits around here.

Many meat and potatoes dishes go well in the crockpot or work well as freezer meals which makes these dishes a huge bonus to my week.

[14]Breakfast for Supper

Who wouldn’t want a short stack for dinner? A pancake supper [15] is an easy and frugal option — and a fun one. But Buckaroo Potatoes [16] are also pretty tasty. And loaded breakfast potatoes [17]? I’m all over that one, too.

FishChick 2 was just diagnosed with an egg-white allergy so that part of breakfast for supper will be challenging, but I’m sure we’ll figure out hoe to get protein for her on breakfast night.

Readers recently shared all sorts of great ideas for freezing breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos [18], so I think we may be able to make this a very do-able freezer meal as well. And Elizabeth posted a recipe for homemade sausage [19] that I’m eager to try out and maybe add it into this rotation for easy, freezer-friendly suppers.


There’s something so cozy about casseroles. They are comfort food that is easy to make ahead. While casseroles have gotten a bad wrap over the years, there are really some delicious options out there.

One dish meals full of flavor? Yes, please.

Some of our favorites include Poblano Chile Enchiladas [21], Lasagna [22], Crockpot Enchiladas [23], and Chicken Enchilada Casserole. [24]

[25]Pizza Night

Pizza is a year-round affair at our house. It’s a Friday night ritual [26] at our house. And a tasty one at that. Years ago each kiddo got to make his own pizza. I vetoed that part of the plan in exchange for a little more sanity at dinner prep. I’m considering bringing it back. Whaddya think? I’m not sure I have it in me, but we’ll see.

[27]Out to Eat Night

Let’s face it. At least one meal a week my meal plan flies out the window, anyway. So, I listened when FishBoy9 suggested “Out to Eat Night.”

A planned night out or takeout brought home would add a little spice in our life, a little fun food in our tummies, and a break from the kitchen [28]. Count me in!

[29]Football Food

If there’s anything I’ve learned about football, it’s that I can embrace it, especially when food’s involved. I never knew my husband even liked football until our move to Kansas City. I was shocked what a big deal it was to him. But, we finally lived in an NFL market, and this was huge. So, now I know that certain days of the week will be reserved for football. And it’s so much more fun if I plan yummy food like Brats with Peppers [4], Homemade Onion Dip [30], or maybe a Cheese Plate [31].

What about you?

Does your menu change when the seasons do?

Don’t forget to visit I’m an Organizing Junkie every Monday [32] for more menu planning inspiration and Balancing Beauty and Bedlam [33] for more tasty ideas.

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