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Remembering Your Life BEFORE Mom – A Guest Post

Posted By Jessica Fisher On September 8, 2010 @ 1:31 am In GOD,Joyful Womanhood | 11 Comments

[4]- A Guest Post from Janna -

Do you remember life before motherhood?

As a child, I spent my allowance buying accessories for my Real Baby, and as a teenager, I saved for clothes that said Guess. Nowadays, I get giddy over the purchase of an energy efficient appliance. The Book of Me has many different chapters, but are they worth remembering?

Recording the stories of my youth has been a recent project of mine. I’ve swished the pages of The Book of Me back to the beginning chapters of care-free play, and simple pleas to stay up half an hour later to watch “The Cosby Show.” The more I write my stories, the more I realize “Yes!” there is great value in recalling my youth.

Remembering my youth makes me a better mother.

My initial reaction for a meltdown over a broken birthday pencil is, “Get over it. It’s only a pencil.” However, when I remember my youth, I see Miss Day’s apple mug of shiny birthday pencils. Every day I hoped there would still be a purple one left on my birthday. Finally, the purple pencil was mine, only to discover later it had snapped in two in the bottom of my backpack.

Children cannot always articulate why something makes them sad, angry or happy. However, if I can recall what hurt me as a child, I can have better insight into my daughter’s feelings. It wasn’t a pencil that broke – it was a long awaited hope that burst.

Remembering my youth makes me a historian.

Hundreds of items from my growing up years are simply obsolete, and will never be experienced by my daughter. Does anyone remember rotary telephones, walkmans, or the Commodore 64? Were you the girl with a spiral perm, peg legged jeans, and layered scrunch socks? We have history to share.

Remembering my youth shows me God’s Hand

Writing about my youth reveals God’s hand in my life. For example, in fourth grade I was homeschooled because we could not afford private school. During that year, I spent at least one day a week with my father. My fifth grade year, my father died suddenly of a heart attack [5]. God gave me that year of homeschooling to make cherished memories with my father. My heavenly Father makes my story worth telling.

How would telling your story make you a better mother? What personal history could you share with your children? How has God shown Himself in your story?

– Janna Antenorcruz is the founding editor of Mommy’s Piggy Tales: Record Your Youth [6]. Inspired by her grandmother’s stories of growing up, she created a blog where mothers can have friendly accountability and encouragement to record the memories of their youth in 14 posts. Participation is free and Session 2 will begin October 7, 2010. Need more convincing to get involved? Read the Mommy’s Piggy Tales [7]
testimonials page [7]. [7]

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