Announcements – November

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Lots going on in these here parts. There are so many ways to connect with each other here on LifeasMOM.

Here’s the scoop:

:: Organizing Life as MOM – my 125 page ebook is finally complete! Buy your copy today.

:: URS – join us every Thursday for Ultimate Recipe Swap. There’s an updated schedule for the rest of the year. This week? Food Gifts

:: Freezer Cooking Days – This week we’re cooking up a storm. Share your plan on Friday and then show us what you got cooking on Monday.

:: Booking It – Thanks so much for sharing all your inspiring book ideas. Next book talk is Tuesday, November 9th.

:: Frugal Friday – On December 3rd, we’ll have a special themed week Frugal Friday. Share your ideas for $10 Gifts early next month.

:: Giveaway Winners from the last few weeks will be announced in a few hours. Wait for it. 😉

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  1. Congratulations on your ebook! What an awesome undertaking.

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