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How to Have a Restful, Memorable, & Meaningful Holiday Season

Posted By Jessica Fisher On November 14, 2010 @ 1:00 am In Christmas,Holiday Happiness series,Holidays,New Year's,Thanksgiving | 17 Comments

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Fall, Back to School, Halloween, Daylight Saving Time, these milestones have passed. 2010 is quickly drawing to a close. “The Holidays” are upon us.

A man once said, “Boy, the holidays are rough. Every year I just try to get from the day before Thanksgiving to the day after New Year’s.”

The potential is certainly there to shift into “survival mode” between Thanksgiving and the start of the New Year. Yet, whatever happened to this being “the most wonderful time of the year?” Now is the time to be proactive and make the coming weeks restful, memorable, and meaningful.

So how do we enter the season with these goals in mind?


If we want the next six weeks to be restful, memorable, and meaningful, then we need to have some plans. Does money cause you stress? Then set a holiday budget and stick to it. [6] Are you looking for ways to capture sweet memories with your kids? Then consider ways to play more games [7], read more books [8], and unplug a little more in the coming weeks. Will cooking a big meal send you into a frenzy? Plan some freezer-friendly dishes [9] or easy crockpot recipes and take a load off.

Develop plans today that will help you enjoy the experience.

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Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Does this mean that November and December will be more harried for you? Just say, “No.” Now.

Put margin into your life. Go to sleep earlier. Sleep a little later. Exercise. Drink lots of water. And prioritize. [12]

Do family get-togethers hinder your restfulness during this time of year? Discuss this with your spouse now and problem-solve together. Think of ways to relieve some of the stresses and make the holidays more enjoyable. Maybe you won’t make four stops on Christmas Eve and 2 more the next day. If staying home gives you peace, then this is the year to be peaceful!

Spend your holiday season in ways that help you reach your goals.


You can’t do it all. And sometimes what sounds good in November has you pulling your hair out a few weeks later. Be okay with changing your plans.

Be practical and revisit your goals. Is this restful? Is this memorable — in a good way? Is this meaningful? If an activity doesn’t fit that criteria and can be avoided, well, I say, “Ditch it.”

Enough is as good as a feast. So says Ma Ingalls, and I agree. You don’t need to go overboard. Your cheery disposition will bless your family more than any sugarplums can.

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I know from experience that when I set off on plans and adventures, those plans and adventures have a much better way of turning out well if I’ve spent time praying and reflecting first. This isn’t because I’ve manipulated God. We can’t do that.

Instead, when I take my hopes and plans to God, He shows me the right way to go. He changes my desires to better fit me and my family. By His Spirit, He clues me into folly that might await me if I go “my” way.

CS Lewis is quoted as saying, “I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time — waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God — it changes me.

Prayer is not about us getting what we want. It’s about God changing us to want what is good for us. Let’s go into the holidays with this mindset.

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. — Proverbs 16:9 [15]

How will YOU enter the season?

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