Weekend Sale in the FishMama Shop

In honor of the biggest shopping day of the year, I’m offering a sale on all my ebooks this weekend, good from now until Monday at midnight, PST.

Use the code SAVETWO on all purchases of $4 or more and receive $2 off your purchase.

Details are here.

Enjoy your weekend and nab some good deals!

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  1. hi

    i’m trying to buy your e-book and tried the coupon code SAVETWO like you said above but the comp flashed maximum coupon redemption limit reached. is there a problem or is the coupon code no longer applicable or ??
    i’d buy it anyway at the full price but just wanted to be sure there’s not some fault somewhere. tia!

  2. i just did, and i got it! thank you very much! can’t wait to go read it.

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