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Resolved: To Be Happy with How We Do School

Posted By JessieLeigh On January 24, 2011 @ 6:30 am In Public Schooling | 23 Comments

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As 2011 rolls on in, I am resolving to be happy. Happy about my home [6]. Happy about my job [7]. Happy about all the amazing blessings I’ve been entrusted with.

I’m also happy about the schooling choice we’ve made for our family. And I think that’s what it really comes down to is this:

Are we truly happy with the choices we’ve made? Can we find contentment on our own paths? I truly believe we can – and should!

In our quest to navigate this minefield we call motherhood, it can be all too easy to feel attacked, no matter what choices we’ve made. It is a judgmental world, and there are always those who will find fault with the decisions you make for your family. Unfortunately, we cannot change all the world’s perception, but we CAN resolve to be happy with our own choices when it comes to how we do school.

For my family, in our particular situation, I am finding contentment in our decision to send our children to public school. I am loving the opportunities that this affords them. From forging strong, meaningful relationships with amazing teachers to getting to ride that big yellow bus, they’re getting to do some joyful things. They are learning about tolerance and diversity as part of their day-to-day lives and these are good lessons.

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More important than all that, to my mind? They are happy. They go off to school with gleeful anticipation and return to me with smiles of delight. That matters to me.

For myself, I am learning about politics. And advocating. Those are not bad skills either.

I’m also enjoying the one-on-one time with my youngest child, so easy to achieve while my older two are off at school. It is certainly possible to have quality one-on-one time with our children no matter how we choose to do school, but this certainly makes it easy for me. With my first two born less than eleven months apart, it is a bit of a novelty to me too!

I am part of a team- a team that consists of teachers, therapists, and administrators- and, while this means that I do have to work through those aforementioned politics, it also means that I get to collaborate with some great minds and benefit from group brain-storming sessions. I am a social creature and I enjoy interacting as a team.

For our family, I have seen wonderful things develop for my children as a result of having many people striving to find the very best program and fit for them.

While I am not blind to the benefits of homeschooling or choosing private education, I am completely confident in and content with the way we do school. As we embark on this new year, I am resolving to continue to be happy with my choice. I am also resolving to be happy for those of you who have found a different, equally well-determined choice.

May 2011 be a year where we can continue to learn from each other!

What elements of your schooling choice would you like to celebrate in the new year?

[10]– JessieLeigh is the mother of a former 24-week micropreemie [11] and two full-term blessings as well. She is a determined advocate for the tiniest of babies, including the unborn, and a firm believer in faith and miracles. She shares about raising such a precious, tiny baby over at Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles [12].

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