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Booking It with The Happiness Project

Posted By Jessica Fisher On February 10, 2011 @ 10:30 am In Book Review,Booking It | 75 Comments

[4]Are ya Booking It [5] this year?

If you’re just now joining us, let me explain. Booking It [5] is an online reading program designed to get you reading.

This online book club [5] features flexibility for those who want to do their own thing as well as “assigned reading” for those who prefer a little more structure. You can even do a little of both.

On the 10th of the month, we discuss the “book of the month” while we share our choice readings on the 11th.

Have a plan

Last month we made reading plans [6]. Having a reading plan gets you one step closer to reading. Not only do you have an idea of what you want to read, but you also can get the wheels turning to have those books at the ready for when you find pockets of time to read. I’ve bought some books, dug some out of storage, requested some from the library, and put some on my wish list to acquire later in the year.

Not sure how to find good books [7]? No problem. Wondering where to find  time to read [8]? You can do it. Really.

There is a whole world of great books to explore. Some of them will bring you the laugh that you sorely need. Others will help you solve a problem. Still others can change your life. So let’s get reading!

The Happiness Project

Today is the first day of our Assigned Reading Check-in. We read The Happiness Project [9] by Gretchen Rubin. [10]

{If you haven’t read it, then this is your official SPOILER ALERT.}


Can I just say that this book was life-changing? The Happiness Project [9] was one of the most encouraging, freeing, thought-provoking books I’ve ever read. Seriously.

Gretchen Rubin’s story of the year she intentionally pursued happiness was not only entertaining and easy to read, but it prompted me to consider what really matters in my life.

What really makes me happy? How do I really want to spend my days — and my life? How can I be intentional about living life in a way that truly blesses me and my family?

The Happiness Project [9] got me thinking about new ways to live life “on the road to joyful motherhood.”

Not to mention, reading the book validated my college degree when I actually knew what Sisyphean meant when I came across it.

I could so relate when I read Gretchen’s confession of wishing she liked something she thought she should like instead of just enjoying where her natural preferences lay. I laughed at how she wished she enjoyed “cool music,” but that to be really happy musically, she just had to be okay with the styles that she truly enjoyed.

I think some would balk at the title of the book, thinking that it’s all about satisfying oneself and forget about others. This is so not the case. The message is clear that to be really happy, we are doing things that bless, love, and encourage the people we love.

It’s about being thankful for the good that we have and enjoying it as much as we can, whether that be marriage, children, friendships, or a good cup of coffee.

Certainly, those things vary in degree, but they are good things, and we should enjoy them.


Changes are a-coming

Different sound bites from the book come back at me at random parts of the day. And since I read and watch Gretchen’s blog and vlogs [13], I know what she sounds like. So, I hear her real voice, too.

No, not in an Obi-Wan-Kanobi-telling-Luke-to-use-the-Force kind of way. But, like a friend encouraging me.

When I finally put the proofs of insurance in each of our vehicles and stuck the new registration tags on, I heard Gretchen say, “Tackle a nagging task.” Yes! Who would have thought that dealing with insurance and registration would make me happy?! But, it did. Because to not do it, it would continue to bug me until I did it or until a cop pulled me over.

I feel “happy” knowing that if there was an accident or some other traffic issue, I would be prepared with proper paperwork.

Many of my year’s goals [14] were influenced by having read this book. Working on each of them will contribute to the overall happiness of my family and me.

I find myself making mental notes about things that bring me joy or bring one of my family joy. This prompts me to think of ways to incorporate that thing more into the fabric of our lives.

I could probably write a book about this book and how it is changing my thoughts and dreams. But, since I lost my notes in the cluttered office that is nagging me to organize it, I can’t. Instead, I can ask…

What did YOU think of the Happiness Project?

Let’s talk in the comments section. And if you wrote a review of the book, share the link there as well. Can’t wait to hear what you thought!

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