Quick Lunches & a Giveaway from Kraft Mac & Cheese


I love quick lunches. But, honestly since my kids often have different preferences than I do, I often spend more time making two different lunches, so quick isn’t usually part of the equation. But, recently, I did pull together a meal that pleased us all — and in short order.


I had a few loaves of French bread, softened butter, and some garlic. Within minutes we’ve got easy garlic bread to pop into the toaster oven.

One head of lettuce, chopped and run through the salad spinner, gets dressed up with balsamic vinegar, dried cranberries, nuts or seeds, green onion, and some blue cheese crumbles. This fruit and cheese salad is delicious and can easily be toned down for picky eaters.

Two boxes of mac and cheese comes together in less than ten minutes on the stove top. This is the new Veggie Mac and Cheese from Kraft. While I usually make mac and cheese from scratch, my kids totally gobbled this down. It is made with cauliflower pasta, helping you boost your kids’ vegetable intake for the day.

The result?

A quick and easy lunch that my whole family will happily eat. You can win some Kraft Mac and Cheese Veggie Pasta, too.

This weekend three LifeasMOM readers will two boxes of each of the two flavors Mac and Cheese Veggie Pasta. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: bkds79@, egholtrop@, chcsmommy@

To Enter:

Share a quick lunch idea with us.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, July 24th at 8pm PST. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Disclosure: I received review product as well as compensation for time spent writing. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Melodie B says:

    Celery sticks to dip in peanut butter + sliced peaches.

  2. Honestly, PB&J is a frequent request around here. Sometimes I serve it with fresh fruit and veggies, sometimes with chips, and always with a glass of milk.

  3. Leftovers! The easiest lunch :-)

  4. Boiled eggs, cheese, and sliced veggies.

  5. When we are looking for a quick/easy lunch we go for sandwiches…pb&j, grilled cheese or whatever deli meat we have around the house…add some fruit, veggie sticks and some thing crunchy and we are good to go.

  6. My daughter’s favorite is Apples and PB – I’ll eat whatever is leftover from last night. :)

  7. Cheese and crackers and fruit.

    Also, I second leftovers.

  8. Our quick go to lunch or dinner is quesadillas. The mac & chees veggie pasta sounds interesting. I’ll have to look for that at the store. My 8 year old loves to make mac and cheese for herself and her siblings so I usually keep a couple of boxes on hand.

  9. I do a lot of quesadillas. I know my daughter will eat them.

  10. I agree with the leftovers! I can’t even remember the last time I had to make a lunch, because we ALWAYS have some leftovers!

  11. Quesadillas are the go to quick lunch around here.

  12. As mentioned above, leftovers! Always make enough for the next day.

  13. Wrap with berry cream cheese, turkey & lettuce! Yum!

  14. I love to make pasta salad. Noodles, italian dressing, & fresh veggies.

  15. Our go-to lunches are mac and cheese, hot dogs, quesadillas, sandwiches, and soup.

  16. Just out of curiousity do you have the sodium content of the Kraft mac and cheese?

    My kids love the stuff but I pretty much stopped buying it because of the sodium.

    My kids love peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

  17. Pizza quesodillas — Whole wheat tortilla’s with melted cheese and pepperoni in the middle (cooks in 1-minute in the microwave). Serve sliced with pizza sauce.

  18. We like what my son calls “tiny lunches.” My kids like a little bit of everything – some carrots sticks or spinach leaves, strawberries, apples, or whatever fruit is in season, some veggie crackers or sticks, and cheese or yogurt.

  19. jeannie says:

    I like to serve fruit, cheese, crackers, and milk for a quick lunch

  20. Christina H says:

    Cheese, crackers, pepperoni and fruit

  21. pb&j’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy and tasty too.

  22. Mmmm your salad looks delicious!! We love using leftover taco fixings to make quesadillas or burritos. Or we enjoy a quick homemade pizza with a salad…it’s super quick if you make pizza dough ahead of time and just keep in the fridge or freezer.

  23. My son loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or pasta with homemade marinara sauce for a quick lunch.

  24. Tuna melts have been the big hit around here lately. But Friday I made french bread and all anyone wanted for lunch was french bread with strawberry jam!

  25. Sandwiches – toast, cream cheese and cucumbers has been a recent favorite.
    Celery + cream cheese, sunflower butter, or peanut butter.

  26. Mom23boys says:

    our quick go-to is anything in a flour tortilla! i can’t get my 7-year-old to eat meat usually but if i put lunch meat or leftover chicken in a tortilla, he will gobble it up. veggies are a different story, so i’m hoping to try this new pasta!

  27. LEFTOVERS! My kids will not eat sandwiches so this is the quickest option I have.

  28. We tend to eat a lot of cheese and crackers with fresh fruit and veggies for our quick lunches.

  29. Melissa says:

    Our favorite is sandwiches with sliced fruit but leftovers are a close second!

  30. PB&J, baby! That’s ours anyway.

  31. deseray says:

    Pita and hummus, sandwiches like pb and j, egg salad, tuna. Leftovers, too.

  32. Peanut butter and crackers… add some raisens to make faces on them and maybe some fruit or a veggie. :) easy peasy

  33. Valerie says:


  34. anne marie says:

    Sandwiches are a go to around here but mac n cheese is a favorite too. Would love to try the veggie one!

  35. Leftover grilled chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes (obviously only quick if you have those things around or in a can). Red wine vinegar on top with salt and pepper.

  36. Quick lunches we like are

    Hot Dogs
    Tomato soup / grilled cheese sandwich

    Gonna look for this veggie mac n cheese when i do my shopping this weekend.

  37. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    For lunch I just put out fruit, veggies and dip, some cheese, cut up lunch meat and crackers. The kids can fill their plates easily and it’s easy to eat while they are finishing something up. Plus, they always come back for more!!

  38. Refried beans and cheese burrito are simple to make and the kids love it!

  39. Hard-boiled eggs with carrot sticks!

  40. Heather E. says:

    Tuna-Cream Cheese roll-up wraps

  41. Michelle says:

    Ritz Whole Wheat or Roasted Vegetable Crackers, Colby Jack Cheese and Pepperoni. Served with sliced fruit (apple, banana, peach, etc) and a glass of whole organic milk. My kids will eat this every. single. time. :o)

  42. We love to do quesadillas — cheese and salsa in a folded tortilla, microwave ’till the cheese is melted! Yum!

  43. Quesadillas. Add something crunchy (tortilla chips, etc.) and some kind of fruit to the plate and lunch is served in 10 minutes or less!

  44. Either Kraft Mac & Cheese or cheese quesadillas with fruit salad happen frequently here! Leftovers are always good, too. I try to keep lots of fresh fruits and veggies washed, cut and ready to eat in the fridge.

  45. A wrap with Ranch dressing, ham slices (like for sandwiches)and cheese, chips and strawberry yogurt on the side.

  46. We are rather boring and love leftovers! I actually make extra when cooking dinners so there will be leftovers for lunch! :)

  47. jessica says:

    as an alternative to bread I use tortillas for a PB&J wrap up, no leftover crust, and great for packing lunches as the bread doesn’t get soggy!

  48. The quickest– and most requested– lunch around here is quesadillas. Just a tortilla, cheese (sliced, shredded, cheddar, swiss…whatever!) topped with another tortilla and put in the oven until the cheese melts. The kiddos love to dip them in applesauce. Quick & easy!

  49. honey peanut butter sandwich and baby carrots with ranch dressing or leftovers

  50. Susan T says:

    We like quesidillas

  51. PB&J for the little one, leftovers for me!

  52. Re-heat leftovers and add some fruit or a veggie.

  53. My favorite easy lunch is sliced summer sausage, crackers, sliced cheese, grapes and baby carrots. Easy and my kids gobble it up every time!

    lora at mortier dot org

  54. My son loves bagel pizzas. A sesame seed bagel with pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

  55. We love pizza tortillas w/ fruit.

  56. cheese quesadillas with fruit/veggies
    cutup veggies, hummus, cheese and crackers…perfect for summer.

  57. Pamela J says:

    When I’m looking for a quick lunch I just let the kids pick their own leftovers from the fridge. Would love to see how the veggie kinds taste. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  58. peanut butter and maple syrup mixed together and served on white or wheat bread. Soo easy and yummy!

  59. My go-t0 lunch is generally PBJ and leftovers :-)

  60. Donna C says:

    My 5 year old daughter likes peanut butter sandwiches and fruit, or Ritz whole wheat crackers with pepperoni slices and cheese with fruit. Yesterday we made english muffin pizzas (light toasted first to give some crunch and keep from getting soggy)- addes leftover tomato sauce and cheese, then broiled in the toaster oven…quick and she loves that she ‘made’ it herself!

  61. Jennifer says:

    I hard-boil a half-dozen eggs on Sunday and then use them in lunches throughout the week – slice and toss with a salad much like you’ve made, or mix with light mayo (or greek yogurt), dill, S&P and some toasty bread, or even just plain with maybe some tomato slices.

  62. Nancye6 says:

    Usually a sandwich from the leftovers from last nights dinner.

  63. Leftovers changed up. Maybe leftover chicken made into tacos or on top of a salad.

  64. Samantha says:

    This time of year we are all about the tomato sandwich- with cheese for added protein. Quick and super delish!

  65. Leftovers is my quick lunch. Otherwise microwave grilled cheese or microwave pizzas from english muffins, sauce and cheese.

  66. My favorite throw together lunch around here tackles the pickiest of eaters and helps keep the budget in line!!

    I drag all kind of fixings out of the fridge, ham, cheese, mini pepperoni, l/o pizza sauce, taco meat, etc etc

    then we make our own creations and pop them into the sandwich maker, its awesome, just butter a slice of bread, place it in butter side down, load up with toppings and cheese, then top with another slice of buttered bread this time butter up and close and clamp the lid down, in a few minutes they’ve got their own super stuffed sandwich creation!!
    Everyone’s happy and not only did it not break the bank but it helped clean out the fridge!!!

  67. My kids love peanut butter and honey sandwiches with some yogurt.

  68. Keisha C. says:

    Grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit.

  69. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with fresh fruit on the side.

  70. I am anxious to try that new mac and cheese. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Our quick go to meal is either quesadillas or yogurt, pretzels and cheese.

  71. Leftovers or pb &j.

  72. I take a tortilla and put leftover chicken and some shredded cheese – pop it into the oven for 8 minutes, and voila – chicken quesadillas!

  73. Meredith C. says:

    for a quick lunch we usually do a quesadilla. My daughter loves cheese the best but when we have leftover meat I throw a little of that in too.

  74. KatieBee says:

    Hummus and vegetables in many variations. Sometimes it’s literally just some hummus and some carrots, snap peas and cucumbers; others it’s hummus wraps with lettuce, radishes and what not. Easy, always in the fridge and a good source of protein and fiber :).

  75. Smoothies save me more often that I’d like to admit!

  76. Vanessa says:

    Leftovers are the best.

  77. Christina Burrell says:

    Turkey rollups on whole wheat tortillas with grapes.

  78. Leilani says:

    My quick and healthier grilled cheese sandwich is just two pieces of toast with cheese put in the microwave. It’s healthier without the butter and tastes just as good!

  79. peanut butter and banana rollup in a tortilla…yum!

  80. Tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat with celery salt and Cape Cod chips!!!

  81. Lynda C says:

    My go-to quick lunch that is also healthy and low-cal, plain Greek yogurt seasoned with garlic and some herbs such as dill accompanied by veggie sticks and toasted pita bread or a tortilla, followed with a piece of fruit.

  82. Kelly Clark says:

    I love a good cheese quesadilla. Quick & easy! And, if you have leftovers, you can throw them in too – almost anything goes!

  83. Ashley H. says:

    Peanut butter and jelly!

  84. Marilyn K says:

    Whole wheat tortillas with cream cheese and ham or turkey…and I add roasted red peppers for myself! Raw veggies on the side.

  85. Charity L. says:

    When I need a quick lunch I make a grilled cheese sandwich and serve it with sliced apples and grapes.

  86. Andrea D. says:

    A good quick lunch is some salsa and/or left over veggies on a taco shell with some melted cheese.

  87. We make tuna melts & grilled cheese sandwiches!

  88. I usually make 10-15 lbs of hamburger at a time. I put it in my crock pot, sometimes I have to use two, and season it with garlic, onion powder salt and pepper. I use a potato masher to keep it crumbly. When it is all done, I put half into freezer bags for quick spaghetti meals or the hamburger helper from the food bank. Then, the other half I put taco seasoning on and bag it up to for quick taco night, burritos or enchiladas. Sometimes, for tacos and burritos, I mash kidney or pinto beans into the meat since my kids do not care for beans, and it gives them the extra fiber!

  89. Quick and easy lunch–can of spaghettios with cut-up hot dogs–my daughter loves it!

  90. Cop out answer but lunches are almost always quick for us because right now it works for us to have leftovers from the night before. Times will be a-changing soon though, I fear.

  91. quesadillas or salads (made with veggies i prepared on the weekend, of course)

  92. One of my quickie lunches is cheesy corn dog muffins. I usually always have hot dogs on hand so it’s super easy to whip up some corn bread muffin mix, dice up some hot dogs and mix together with some shredded cheese. Bake in mini-muffin pans and serve with carrots with dip and some kind of fruit. Kids love it!! :) Even my teenage boys request these yummy little muffins!

  93. LEFTOVERS & hotdogs…with chips n salsa

  94. Tuna salad sandwiches are easy.

  95. pita pizzas- pita bread, chopped tomatoes or canned diced, whatever cheese on hand shredded and any other veggies I might have hidden under the cheese :)

  96. Rebecca W. says:

    Bagels with melted cheese!

  97. Grilled cheese :)

  98. ramen noodles!

  99. Theresa says:

    PB and bananas wrapped in lettuce is my favorite quick lunch

  100. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I love dunking strips of grilled cheese in the soup.

  101. Nichole says:

    One of our new favs is sunbutter & jelly sandwiches and sweet potato chips that I found at the food coop. Yum.

  102. Our go to quick meal is quesadillas filled with leftover meat and cheese.

  103. Diana Campbell says:

    PB on Raisin Bread. Delicious!

  104. We love to have make tour own microwave nachos. We usually do this with the leftovers from taco night. Everyone gets a plate of chips and put near and cheese on them. Zap them to heat up. Then add cold leftovers on top. Enjoy.

  105. We love fresh fruit and slices of roast beef & turkey!

  106. Trish U says:

    Smoothies are great for lunch! My daughter loves them and I can sneak all kinds of healthy things inside :)

  107. My quick lunches are alwasy bread with something: bread w/nutella, bread w/bread dip, bread w/sauce and mozzerella (pizza bread), bread with hummus.

    I’m intrigued by this cauliflower pasta. Might have to go pick some up to try!

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