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Once a Month Meal Planning

Posted By Jessica Fisher On October 2, 2011 @ 11:21 am In Meal Planning | 26 Comments

This happens about this time every year. Every year. We transition from easy, laid-back summer into the craziness of school. And I realize that something’s gotta change. My time management. My coffee-intake. And my meal planning.

There’s just more to do than I could possibly do, so I have to switch gears. And about this time every year, I decide, forget this weekly meal planning thing, I need to do this once and make it last all month.

So, that is what I did Friday night. The girls and I were home watching, How to Train Your Dragon while the boys were at hockey. The girls and I had been at hockey. But, the fascination of watching the pink puck lasts only so long for three and four year olds, so I escorted my little ladies home. We did baths, beauty treatments (ie blow dry the long hair) and got settled with a movie.

And because I am in multi-tasking mode, I pulled up the monthly meal-planning sheet from OLAM on my laptop, and with my fall themes [3], I plotted our meals for the rest of the month while I watched adorable Hiccup struggle to do what’s right.

Oh, yes, yes, I did.

Critics will say numerous things from “That would bore me. I like to be spontaneous,” to “how will you know what’s on sale?”

Well, yeah, I know.

But, with freezer meal components, like pulled pork, meatballs, and taco meat, we won’t get too bored because I can switch those things around with different sauces and sides. And I can pretty much guesstimate what will go on sale. With a load of frozen meals made-ahead, I will also have a supply to rely on.

It’ll be okay. I promise. And it will work for you, too.

So, without further ado, our meal plan for the month:

  1. Pizza Night [4], ChiChi’s Salad [5], Apple Cider Floats [6]
  2. Football Food – Jalapeno Poppers Dip, Brats [7], Green Salad, Carrots
  3. Meatloaf [8]/Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes [9], Cranberry sauce, Green Beans
  4. Grilled Dijon Chicken [10], Rice Pilaf [11], Green Salad
  5. Bean and Rice Bowls [12], Homemade Pico de Gallo [13], Chips
  6. Chicken Noodle Soup [14], Popovers and Jam
  7. dinner out
  8. Enchiladas, Lawnmower Taco [15], Green Salad
  9. Lasagna [16], Garlic Bread [17], Green Salad
  10. Meatballs and Gravy, Mashed Potatoes [9], Steamed Veg
  11. Pizza on Focaccia [18], Green Salad
  12. dinner out
  13. Minestrone [19], Buttermilk Cornbread [20]
  14. Pasta with Red Sauce [21], Green Salad, Biscuits
  15. Bean and Rice Bowls [12], Homemade Pico de Gallo [13], Chips
  16. Garlic Brie Bread [17], Grilled Sausages, Green Salad
  17. Quesadillas [22], Veggie Dippers, Layered Fruit Salad [23]
  18. Pasta with Red Sauce [21], Green Salad, Garlic Bread
  19. Beef and Barley Soup, Popovers
  20. Grilled Fish, Quinoa Pilaf [24], Salad
  21. dinner out
  22. Pizza Night [25]
  23. Hamburgers [26], Fries, Green Salad
  24. Pasta with Red Sauce [21], Steamed Veg, Focaccia
  25. Grilled Chicken and Couscous Salad [27], Pita Breads [28], Salad (could morph into gyros) [29]
  26. Chihuahua Chili [30] and Buttermilk Cornbread [20]
  27. Chef’s choice (read= I ran out of ideas)
  28. dinner out
  29. Pizza Night [25]
  30. BBQ Pork Sandwiches [31], Side Salads [32]
  31. Taco Soup [33], Chips, Veggie Dippers

What’s cooking at your house?

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