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12 Days of Christmas

Posted By Jessica Fisher On December 13, 2011 @ 1:36 am In Christmas | No Comments

There is a world of creative ideas to cover Christmas celebrations. Check out some of these winning ideas.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing quick and easy ideas for family fun while some friends shared tips in different areas. Here’s a recap:

1+1+1=1 shared ideas for Christmas Homeschool Fun [4]. I really like the sensory bin for Christmas [5]. I’ve been reading about them for months, but have never done one with my kids.

Songbird posted some ideas for Christmas Decorations [6]. I love the ways that she gave her bedroom such an inviting atmosphere. [7]

I loved these Tips for a Healthy Holiday [8] from The Thrifty Mama. Love how she powdered raw sugar [9] for frosting and cookie decorating.

Rachel of Surviving the Stores posted tips for Saving Money [10], including some great ways to save money on gift cards [11].

Life as MOM contributor and globetrotter extraordinaire, Amy from Mom’s Travel Tales put together a great series of Travel Tips [12].  My favorite? Reasons to have a Hotel Staycation [13]. Fun!

Christmas Recipes [14] to drool over? Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures has you covered. I love her homemade candies, like these Heath bars [15]. Great way to avoid food allergies and sensitivities! Make your own.

The Happy Housewife has you covered on Homemade Christmas Gifts [16]. Love the homemade potpourri. [17]

And for Family Fun….

That’s my department! Check out the links to my past posts in case you missed one:

  1. Print and Play this FREE Printable Pencil and Paper Game Book [18]
  2. Make These Easy Painted Glass Globe Ornaments [19]
  3. Gift Guide for Little Girls [20]
  4. Find Letters and Make Photo Gifts with the Kids [21]
  5. Follow the Children’s Lead [22]
  6. A Gift Guide for Boys [23]
  7. Clutter-Free Stocking Stuffers [24]
  8. Read Holiday Books with the Kids [25]
  9. Meaningful Teacher Gifts You Can Make with Your Kids [26]
  10. Create a Family Playlist [27]
  11. Trimming the Tree with Children [28]
  12. Bake Cookies with the Kids [29]

What’s YOUR favorite part of the holidays?

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