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The Benefits of Amazon Prime (Frugal Friday)

Posted By Jessica Fisher On March 15, 2012 @ 7:58 pm In Frugal Friday | 39 Comments

Amazon Prime [4] is a great way to enjoy quick shipping, instant streaming, and Kindle reading for less than $7/month.

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for a few years off and on, which means if you make a purchase through the Amazon links here on Life as MOM, Amazon pays me a small portion in advertising fees.

However, I’ve been a loyal Amazon shopper for 14 years, back when my internet connection was run by a small squirrel running in a cage dial-up. It took us what seemed like hours to place an order, but we knew we were saving money by ordering through Amazon.

A few years later, free Super-Saver shipping came on the scene as well as high speed dial-up. Wow! With a few clicks of a mouse, I could order any book or kitchen gadget for a great price AND get it within about a week or two.

Next came Amazon Prime [4], a service that included 2-day shipping at no extra charge. We’d had a trial subscription once upon a time and really liked it. But, we’d never been willing to fork over the cash. $79? Hmmm…. I’m forever forgetting to order school supplies in time to really use them when I want to. So, the idea was tempting….

Free 2-Day Shipping

Recently, however, Amazon has expanded the benefits of Amazon Prime [4]. Not only do you get the 2-day shipping (which sometimes feels like two hours it arrives soooooooo quickly!) but an Amazon Prime membership also provides instant streaming of movies and TV and access to a Kindle lending library.


Now $79? Really? Is it worth it?

Free Movies

At first that seemed like a lot of money. However, I browsed the selection of movies available and found it very comparable to our now-canceled Netflix. Last year we spent well over $100 on Netflix. We recently downsized our cable. And as much as I love RedBox [5], I’m not wanting to get in the car to get a Dora video. No, no, no.

And there’s an amazing selection of preschool shows available for FREE via Amazon Prime [4]. Already it’s a stellar replacement for Netflix, which I found didn’t have a great selection for streaming anyway.

Free Kindle Books to Borrow

I haven’t explored the Kindle portion of the program. I’ve been so happy with what we have so far! But, you’re allowed to borrow one book a month with no due date. So, if you take two months to read a book, that’s fine. Unfortunately, you do have to own a Kindle [6] to use the Prime service lending library.

Budget-Friendly Entertainment

If you have the budget for entertainment, I think that Amazon Prime [4] is a great way to go. It turns out to be $6.58/month for free movies, free books, and 2-day shipping.

For me, that totally works. So much cheaper than Netflix! And in the long-haul, it’s saving me money by not paying for extra shipping, not buying books I might not want, and getting free Kipper [7] and Caillou [8] whenever I need a break!

How do YOU save money?

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