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Ask for that Discount (Frugal Friday)

Posted By Jessica Fisher On April 12, 2012 @ 7:00 pm In Frugal Friday,Travel | 20 Comments

Ask for a discount and you might be surprised at a lower price.

Despite my inner desires to be a globe-trotter, we don’t really travel that much. We take a few big road trips [4] each year, but flying isn’t something we do very often. In fact, I’ve been on six plane trips in the fifteen years I’ve been a mom.

However, I have two fun getaways planned for May. (More on that later!) And to celebrate, I decided that my 20-year old luggage set was a little too old school. Big, honking garment bag and ginormous suitcase were a little too large for the way I live, travel, and think about extra baggage fees. And the itty bitty Jeep duffel bag that hubs and I share is a little too small.

So, I’ve been shopping.

I looked at luggage at Kohls and almost choked on the prices. Luggage has gotten smaller in 20 years, but it certainly hasn’t gotten any cheaper! I knew that I wanted something small. I don’t like checking baggage — or waiting at the baggage claim. So, I wanted something that met air travel specifications.

NOT that I travel much. But, still….

I looked at luggage on Amazon and was thinking about this [5]. I could choke down that price.

Earlier this week, however, I was at Target, picking up a couple things, and I decided to cruise their luggage aisle. I was NOT optimistic. The price tags I saw ranged from $49 to $109. Ick. The girls and I went up and down and around that aisle a few times until we saw this:

It’s a 4-piece set. But, wait! It’s missing the 4th piece, a package of travel bottles. I looked at the tag. The set was normally priced $65, and had been clearanced to $45. $45 didn’t sound horrible for three pieces. But, then I got a brain storm.

I would ask for a bigger markdown! I went to the fitting counter where they make price adjustments. The woman at the counter got out her fancy Target gun and guess what?!

It was already marked lower than $45. They just hadn’t gotten around to retagging it…. AND she marked it lower still! See?

I paid $13.61 plus tax for three pieces of luggage! Oh happy day!

So, next time you see something that isn’t in pristine condition or is missing a piece, go ask for the discount. You might be pleasantly surprised!

How do YOU save money?

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