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It’s Easy to Be Green

Posted By Jessica Fisher On April 16, 2012 @ 10:17 pm In Going Green | 10 Comments

Being green may be easier than you think.

I confess that I am a total geek. You probably knew that already.

But, in January our city moved to co-mingle recycling and whoops of joy were heard from my home when I opened the flyer advertising as such. You see, when we first moved to this house in 2009 we found out that the city’s recycling program did not allow for easy collection or storage of recyclables. They insisted that everything be sorted and placed in these itty-bitty open boxes that were just one rat fest waiting to happen.

Since we know I don’t do rodents [4], that didn’t work for me.

Needless to say, we didn’t recycle. And I felt guilty every time I put a milk carton in the trash. But, no longer! Co-mingle is here to stay. Oh happy day! We have several LARGE barrels with lids where we just toss all our paper, plastic and glass. Easy peasy.

Even if you don’t have co-mingle recycling where you live, here are a few other easy ways to go green:

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How do you live green?

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