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Denver Scramble (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Pork)

Posted By Jessica Fisher On July 12, 2012 @ 9:54 am In Main Dishes,Recipes,URS | 12 Comments

When I was growing up, my parents made omelets often on the weekends, especially in the summer. Mom would chop up the veggies from Dad’s garden and array them in an omelet bar on the counter. While a parental cooked up omelets, a slow task, to be sure, kids could come top them with whatever they wanted.

One of my favorites was what Dad called The Denver Omelet. It contained ham, onion, bell pepper, and tomato. A true Denver doesn’t usually have tomatoes, but ours does.

I served omelets the other night as part of our Pantry Challenge. And it took forever. Forever! Prepping omelets for nine (we have a house guest) is no small feat.

Making a Denver Scramble is so much easier for feeding a crowd than omelets. Just saute the omelet “fillings”,  add the eggs, and scramble like you normally would. Tasty, tasty, tasty.

This week, we’re sharing pork recipes on Ultimate Recipe Swap. The only pork I had in the fridge this week was ham. It’s one of the more frugal pork cuts available, next to shoulder, country strips, and pork loin. In fact, I can usually get all of the above for less than $2 a pound, sometimes less than a buck, depending on the season.

Our ham was actually leftover from Easter. I sliced it and wrapped it into meal-sized packages in foil in a freezer bag to stash in the deep freeze. Freezing below 0 degrees keeps food safe indefinitely. However, the longer it’s stored, there is a risk of losing quality. So, we try to use things up within 4 to 6 months. The ham was just as good today as it was on Easter Day.

Ultimate Recipe Swap

URS Guidelines

Remember: Each week at Ultimate Recipe Swap, there is a posted theme. You are welcome to share any recipe that fits the theme and contains a link back to Life as MOM. If you’re curious about the upcoming themes, I have a calendar here. [4] This week’s theme is Pork.

If you have a recipe that fits the theme, please link it. However, things like Beef Strogonaff will be deleted from Chicken week because it doesn’t contain chicken. Please keep this meme as helpful to others as we can.

And don’t make me the bad guy! ;)

What is your favorite recipe for pork?

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