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Keeping Up with Regular Eye Care

Posted By Jessica Fisher On October 22, 2012 @ 7:07 pm In Health and Safety | 9 Comments

Keeping up with regular eye care can help both you and your family see better as well as keep eye disease at bay.

In tenth grade, much to my chagrin, I was given a prescription for eye glasses. This is one of only two photos that I could find of me wearing my specs. (Apologies to Jen and Steph for showing off their big hair.)

I don’t remember being self-conscious about my glasses, but I must have been. I can only find two pictures in a sea of high school and college photographic evidence. And they were doozy glasses! It was the late 80’s, think big, brightly colored frames. These pictured are pretty tame in comparison.

I should not have been surprised that my vision needed correction. My parents both wore glasses as did the grandparents and aunts and uncles. My sisters both wear glasses to this day. I wore corrective lenses throughout high school and college and into young motherhood. I went very long between exams because I didn’t embrace the whole vision correction thing.

However, shortly after my third child was born a doctor decided that I had had what we’ll call a “miraculous healing”.

A small percentage of women experience vision changes during pregnancy. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

In those first five years of motherhood, my vision actually corrected itself to 20/20 vision. My eyes have to receive passing marks at vision checks for two years running. I no longer need corrective lenses.

Get yearly vision checks.

That said, hubs and I still get yearly vision checks. His dad had cataracts in his early 30’s which increases my husband’s and our children’s risk of eye disease. As a matter of course, we go every year to make sure our vision is adequate, but more importantly to confirm that our eyes are healthy.

A thorough eye exam (not just a vision screening) looks at neurological function,  eye muscle coordination, eye pressure, the health of the external and internal eye structures as well as examines vision.

We have one child who currently wears corrective lenses. It’s been a fairly painless process, though, he, too, is self-conscious about his specs. He is looking forward to the prospect of someday wearing contacts.

The funny thing is that his most recent eye exam determined that he has to wear them only for distance. Even though he’s “off the hook”, he wears them during all waking hours. (It won’t hurt his eyes to wear them more often; the doctor reassured us of that already.) He simply feels more comfortable with his glasses on.

Children and corrective lenses

We’re only a year or two into the experience of child + glasses. So far it’s been great. Starting at age 9, our son has been conscientious about wearing and caring for his glasses. We got one pair through our insurance and coughed up some cash at Costco for the spare pair So far, so good.

I don’t have much advice on the topic since our experience has been virtually painless. Life as MOM contributor, JessieLeigh, on the other hand, has lots of experience. Here are some of her posts on the topic of kids and glasses:

This year I plan on taking the other five kids in for regular eye exams. Two of them saw pediatric ophthalmologists as babies due to different kinds of cysts. Those situations resolved long ago, but it’s time to make sure everyone’s eyes are healthy as well as check to see if anyone has vision problems.

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What’s been your family’s experience with eyeglasses and contacts?

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