DIY on a Dime: Lettered Wall Art

Paint a simple design on expensive art canvas for a fun and frugal gift.

Today’s DIY is a little bit of a stretch for me. I am not an artist.

But, here’s the back story. Hubs and I went out to dinner last week and I saw this painting display at the restaurant. I liked the muted tones, the whimsical feel, and the fact that it didn’t look perfect. Someone on instagram suggested that I try painting something myself.

So, I did.

I decided to paint simple lettered wall art. Mine is similar in nature to one my sister made earlier in the year.

photo source: Janel Piersma

Only Janel’s Word Art looks more pro than mine.

Freehand or not, the painted canvas makes a great statement on the wall and a perfect gift under the tree.

How to Create Lettered Wall Art

Either style you choose, the basic supplies will be the same:

  • art canvas
  • paint brush
  • acrylic paints
  • If you’re not doing a freehand version, check Janel’s tutorial for other supplies

The basic method for the freehand version is simple.

  • Paint a base coat of paint on your canvas.
  • Paint your design.
  • Let it dry.

Obviously, your mileage may vary, depending on your artistic ability. If all else fails, just say your kid made it.

That’s what I’m gonna do.

DIY on a Dime

This is part of the DIY on a Dime: Great Gifts series. For more easy and frugal gift ideas, check out the list.

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  1. Love the birch bark look backround :)

  2. It really is fun to paint on canvas. I’m not really an artist (thus the tracing I did on mine). But, there is something therapeutic about painting.

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