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Make 2013 a Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Posted By Jessica Fisher On December 29, 2012 @ 7:58 pm In Joyful Womanhood | 4 Comments

Last October I made a concentrated effort to stop and smell the roses [4]. I walked through that month with different eyes, looking for ways to slow down and savor those quickly passing moments with my kids.

As the year draws to a close, as I think about people all around me, who for differing reasons, are seeing life so differently now, I’m reminded to SLOW DOWN, to make the most of every day. 

In case you missed the series, here are the different things I discovered in October. I’m hoping to revisit each one on a more regular basis in the new year — as well as find some new ways to stop and smell the roses.

  1. Let Your Child Choose [5]
  2. Turn Off the Phone or Leave it at Home [6]
  3. Make Cinnamon Popcorn and Watch a Show [7]
  4. Stop at the Fish [8]
  5. Just Say NO [9]
  6. Watch a Classic Film [10]
  7. Live Like Life is Short [11]
  8. Bake Someone Happy [12]
  9. Cuddle with Your Peeps [13]
  10. Take a Hike [14]
  11. Take a Bath [15]
  12. Just Be You [16]
  13. Make Bedtimes Special [17]
  14. Enjoy Today [18]
  15. Do Something Frivolous [19]
  16. Remember Your Greatest Adventure [20]
  17. Get More Sleep [21]
  18. Enjoy Fresh Flowers [22]
  19. Phone Home [23]
  20. Browse a Bookstore [24]
  21. Count Your Blessings [25]
  22. Read a Good Book [26]
  23. Take a Nap [27]
  24. Go for Coffee with Someone You Love [28]
  25. Ask Your Mama What She’d Do Differently [29]
  26. Enjoy a Cuppa Tea [30]
  27. Do Something Unusual [31]
  28. Go on a Date [32]
  29. Identify Your Stressors and Pray [33]
  30. Pretend [34]
  31. Just Sit Still [35]

What do YOU do to slow down and enjoy the daze?

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