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DIY on a Dime: Valentine’s Day

Posted By Jessica Fisher On January 25, 2013 @ 9:00 pm In Budget Living,DIY,Valentine's Day,Valentine's Day | 7 Comments

The DIY on a Dime: Great Gifts [4] series was such fun to put together. It got my creative juices flowing and helped me over a rough spot at the holidays.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to love on your family and be a little goofy. I have fond memories of my mom doing small, simple things that really made the day special. Starting next week I’ll be sharing some new ways that you can share the love at home, including frugal gift tutorials, free printables, and easy recipes to help you spread the love at home.

Sweet Treats:

heart tarts

Big Puffy Heart Tarts [5]
heart scones

Maple-Oat Heart-Shaped Scones [6]

chocolate mint bars

Chocolate Mint Bars [7]

dried fruit and nut bites

Fruit & Nut Energy Bites [8]

Valentine Cards:

Super Valentines Day

Super Mario-Inspired Printable Valentine [9]

Make a Frozen Themed Valentine's Card with Sweethearts Candy Box | Life as MOM
“Love Is An Open Door” Printable Valentine [10]

Origami Fish Valentines

Origami Fish Valentines [11]

wrapped chocolate bars

Custom Wrapped Candy Bars [12]

you're my kind of friend supplies

You’re My Kind of Valentine Printable [13]

Valentine Bookmarks

Free Printable Bookmarks [14]

Marvel Valentine

Free Printable Marvel Valentine [15]

Valentine Gifts:

Money gift in box of chocolates

Box of Chocolates Money Gift [16]

Valentine Coupons

Printable Valentine Coupons [17]

Make a Tear-Out Coupon Book for Valentine's Day (or other special occasions) | Life as MOM

Tear-Out Coupon Book [18]

Salt Dough Candle Holders

Salt Dough Candle Holders [19]

microwaveable heat packs

Microwaveable Heat Packs [20]

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Fun for the Family [21]

valentine's day meal plan

Valentine’s Day Menu to Print & Cook [22]

Printable Love Does Banner

Printable “Love Does” Banner [23]

Put a little heart into it pie

Put a Little Heart into It [24]

Valentines Oatmeal 2

Making Valentine’s Day Special for Little Ones Away at School [25]

Valentine Nail Collage

Valentine’s Day Manicure [26]

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