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February’s Good Cheap Eats

Posted By Janel On February 27, 2013 @ 8:01 pm In Good and Cheap Eats,Good Eats | 4 Comments

Need some good cheap eats? I gotcha covered.

I’ve always been fascinated by food. As soon as I could write, I copied recipes out of my mom’s recipe collection. I made fudge at age seven and a lemon meringue pie at age 10. I loved to eat, so I was happy to cook.

Washing dishes is a different story.

And it’s been like that for 40+ years now.

I started blogging here at Life as MOM back in 2008. I started Good Cheap Eats [4] in 2009 as a way to process our food experience, finding tasty and healthful meals on a budget. And so, I have two blogs.

If you don’t regularly read my other blog Good Cheap Eats [4], here’s what you might have missed in February:

Healthier Living

healthy fats avocado coconut

My Whole 30 Eating Log [5] – I am on an elimination diet for 30+  days to see if I can troubleshoot some aches and pains that don’t wanna go away. So far I feel pretty good. The best improvement has been sleep. I sleep better and awake more easily. After 15 years of motherhood and the accompanying sleepless nights, it’s almost a miracle right there!

I’ve been logging this “diet” journey every day, so if you’re curious about what you CAN eat when you’re going soy-, dairy-, sugar-, grain-, gluten-, and alcohol-free, hop on over [5]. (It’s called The Whole 30 program [6].)

Meal Planning

Meal planning has definitely been tricky for the last two weeks. My family has not been doing The Whole 30. I’ve tried to overlap where I can, but anyone with food allergies in the house will know it’s a challenge. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Grocery Geek

I have always loved the grocery store. My first job [10] was at a grocery store! I didn’t plan to tackle this diet until the month had already started, so I did go over our regular spending this month. I am not worried about it; we saved a ton in the pantry challenge [11], so it all works out.

Here’s how I’ve been shopping in February:

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

I’ve begun a weekly series on the small kitchen appliances that I know and love. I’d like to think that I have a spartan kitchen, but I don’t. I have several kitchen tools that make feeding a small army much easier. This is just the start:

Good Cheap Eats

My mission is to eat well and healthfully all while “acting my wage”. We currently spend an average of $800/month on groceries to feed our family of 8 in Southern California. Groceries are not that expensive here. (Gas and real estate? Different story.)

I try to share recipes that I think will be economical wherever you live. Here are recent recipes:

Fajita Omelet [17] – a hearty way to start the day

Artichoke Chile Dip [18] – I could eat the whole bowl.

Wholesome Energy Bars [19] – freezer friendly awesomeness

Turkey Cheddar Melt with Grilled Onions and Spicy Mayo [20] – amazing flavor with simple ingredients


Monkey Salad [21] – super yum, super simple.

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