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It’s Time to Get Outside!

Posted By Jessica Fisher On May 7, 2013 @ 11:46 am In Camp Wannalaffalotta,Family Fun,Springtime,Summertime | 3 Comments

The seasons are changing (finally). Turn off the screens and get outside.

Summer 5

Spring fever has finally hit. The end of the school year is near enough in sight that I can anticipate a more relaxed routine.

I’m working on some very fun activities for us moms to do with our kids as well as dusting off my copy of The Summer Survival Guide [4]. There’s a posse of neighborhood boys and I’m looking to create a Camp Wannalaffalotta [5] for big kids.

Hopefully, the snow has FINALLY melted for those of you in cooler climates. And hopefully, the desert hasn’t heated up too much yet. Use these milder spring (or fall, for those of you down under) days to get out with your kids.

Last month, I shared THIRTY ways to enjoy the outdoors with your kids [6]. If you missed one, browse the list and catch up. These are easy, I promise. And some of them include bonus resources for you to make the most of fair weather days and nights.


  1. Take a Walk [7]
  2. Build Something [8]
  3. Fly a Kite [9]
  4. Go For a Bike Ride [10]
  5. Play in the Water [11]
  6. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk [12]
  7. Go Bird Watching [13]
  8. Hang Out in the Hammock [14]
  9. You Belong at the Zoo [15]
  10. Hiking with Children [16]
  11. Camp in the Backyard [17]
  12. Go Fishing [18]
  13. Eat Outside [19]
  14. Play at the Park [20]
  15. Visit the Botanical Garden [21]
  16. Go to the Farmer’s Market [22]
  17. Find a Petting Zoo [23]
  18. Go Berry Picking [24]
  19. Plant a Garden with Your Kids [25]
  20. Visit a National Park or Forest [26]
  21. Walk Around the Lake [27]
  22. Letterbox [28]
  23. Play Hopscotch [29]
  24. Climb a Tree [30]
  25. Where’s the Water? [31]
  26. Go Swimming [32]
  27. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt [33]
  28. Splash in the Puddles and Play in the Rain [34]
  29. Watch the Sun Set [35]
  30. Watch the Stars [36]

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[36] Watch the Stars: http://lifeasmom.com/2013/05/get-out-go-stargazing.html

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