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What’s in the Produce Box?

Posted By Jessica Fisher On June 20, 2013 @ 12:02 pm In Good Eats,Meal Planning,Summertime | 6 Comments

Do you get a weekly produce box? If so, you might find yourself lacking for ideas and creativity. You want to use up all that great yummy produce, but how?

Get fresh inspiration from this week’s What’s in the Produce Box: a real live look at dealing with that CSA share [4].

what's in the produce box

Here’s what came in this week’s box from Abundant Harvest Organics [5] and what I’ll be doing with it:

Nectarines & Peaches - My husband says that these are his favorite fruits. FishBoy11 says the same. The trouble with these fruits is that they tend to go off pretty quickly. They mold. Everyone say, “Eww.” Another downside is that we don’t like cooked peaches, so that limits our options.

Potatoes – We have a pretty sizeable stockpile of taters in the pantry. Each box from the last three weeks has had a fair amount. I’ll be making:

Onions – Onions rarely go bad around here. I chop them and add them to an array of dishes.

Daikon Radish – I have a love hate relationship with the daikon. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I don’t. I plant to add it to a salad similar to this one:

Carrots – Carrots aren’t a problem to use up here. I use them in

Green Beans – Last week, I blanched the green beans and froze them for another time. I’ll do one or both of these this week:

zucchini and summer squash

Zucchini and Pattypan Squash - Some summers zucchini is the bane of my existence. It seems like it never ends. So far, we’ve stayed on top of the supply, not letting it get a foot hold. I even made zucchini “noodles” one night. Yes, desperate times. Here are some of my other go-to recipes to draw from this week:

Basil – Not only do I have this big, beautiful bouquet of basil, I also have a big pot of it in the backyard, my feeble attempt at an herb garden. Going to be making and freezing:

Lettuce – I love lettuce. I’m a salad girl. This will not be a problem to use.

Savory – Wild card. I have no idea what to do with this. The suggestion box is now open.

What would YOU do with a produce box like this?

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