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Fill the Freezer with Easy Recipes for Summer

Posted By Jessica Fisher On July 10, 2013 @ 7:03 pm In Freezer Cooking | 8 Comments

Take a few hours out of your week to fill the freezer with a few pre-made items. It will make summer suppers that much easier.

freezer meals taco meat summer

The nature of bulk cooking is that you spend a few hours in the kitchen, prepping multiple meals to stash in the freezer for a future date. This is a fabulous idea when it’s cold and wet outside and you don’t mind huddling near a warm stove.

It’s quite another thing during the summertime when you really don’t want to make tonight’s dinner, let alone next week’s.

But, you gotta eat. And the beauty of make-ahead and freeze cookery is that you can cook it when you want, like late at night or in the cool of the morning, and then freeze it for a later date.

This is the strategy that helps me save time and effort during the hot summer months. It can be as simple as cooking a double batch [4] or in the case of the pic above, a quadruple batch of taco meat next time you make tacos. Then you’ve got taco night covered for a month! Simply reheat the meat, arrange a buffet of salad greens, shells, tortillas, and toppings, and dinner is served.

Voila! Or whatever they say in Mexico….


Get Cooking!

Consider the following easy and healthy, freezer-friendly recipes that suit summer eating and in-season produce to a T:

Full freezer

If you’re just starting out in freezer cooking, you might want to check these past posts:

Or, you could buy my book [22], of course. ;)

NYM Make-Ahead and Freeze CV 450

Grab some cooking plans, too.

To accompany the book [22], I’ve put together a number of cooking plans to help you navigate a full cooking session where you produce multiple meals at one time. You can check out all these free printables:

  • Dinner on the Run [23] – easy meals to eat quickly or take with you to the field, park, or beach
  • Breakfasts on the Go [24] – ready-to-eat breakfasts for busy mornings
  • Protein-Style Dinners [25] – a menu plan filled with paleo and Whole30-friendly recipes
  • Cold Weather and Company Dinners [26] – get cozy at home with your folks or invite people in, this cooking plan has you covered
  • Cozy Winter Breakfasts [27] – stick-to-your ribs oat dishes, granola, fruit-filled energy bars, and a variety of baking mixes
  • Holiday Baking [28] – a plethora of cookies and quick breads as well as a Pretzel Berry Cheesecake
  • Busy Nights [29] – lots of casseroles and one-dish dinners to make supper times easy on busy nights

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