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Make Your Personal Planner Personal

Posted By Jessica Fisher On July 31, 2013 @ 8:00 pm In Home Management,Homekeeping | 7 Comments

Make your personal planner more personal this year. It will serve you better!

OLAM new calendars

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Each year about this time, I’m ready for a Do-Over. The summer’s lackadaisical rhythm is about to drive me crazy. Idle hands are the Devil’s handiwork, and so it seems like the kids’ default mode is bickering, causing me to leave whatever task I’m doing to don my referee’s uniform and whistle.

That’s when I know we’re ready for some routine. And for me, routine means getting my personal planner and household notebook retooled. I add new calendars, add planning sheets that will be helpful, ditch systems that aren’t working, and otherwise, get my act together.

Last year, I tried a three-ring binder method [4]. Binders had failed me in the past, but this one [5] that I bought at Target last fall promised to behave like a spiral bound. In theory, I could turn it back on itself. Fail. I didn’t like it all.

notebook contacts

So, I’m going back to my standby of the spiral bound notebook [6]. Yes, there’s a cost involved, but no more than the ten dollars that I shelled out for that binder. And I can make it more cheerful with custom sized pocket folders and other cutesy stuff.

(I’ve heard that Staples has a new binder system like a spiral and a binder, but it’s too pricey for my blood. There’s this one [7] just like it on Amazon. I can’t vouch for either, though.)

Today I’ve been printing like a fiend, picking and choosing which pages to include in my personal planner for this next school year. I’ve got an exciting trip planned for the school supplies aisle at Walmart, too.

It’s important to me that this notebook is both personal and useful. I’ll share the final product next week when it’s all done.

olam_300x250 [8]

If you’re interested in making one for yourself, you can check out my ebook, Organizing Life as MOM [8]. It’s designed to help you build a personal planner or household notebook that suits you and your life, not some publishers idea of what your life looks like.

You’re unique, so your notebook should be, too.

There is the main book as well as add-on packages for bloggers and homeschoolers. (The blogger pack is significantly modified since its inception two years ago.) If you’ve already purchased the main book, just go for the calendars to upgrade for the new year.

Organizing Life as MOM 2014-2015 [8]
198 pages of inspiration and planning pages to help you get your act together. Includes 130 printable planning worksheets and calendar pages.
Price: $9.00
2014 - 2015 Calendars only [9]
Do not buy this if you already purchased the current 2014-15 version of OLAM. This is a 17-month calendar pack (already available in OLAM), August 2014 through December 2015, 2-page monthly, 1 page monthly vertical, 1 page monthly horizontal. If you bought an earlier version of OLAM, this is the update you want.
Price: $3.00
Blogger Pack (updated for 2015) [8]
40-page Blogger Add-On Pack includes completely fillable pages designed for blogging purposes.
Price: $5.00
OLAM + Blogger Pack (updated for 2014) [10]
The 198-page Organizing Life as MOM as well as a 40-page Blogging-themed add-on.
Price: $12.00
Homeschool Pack (updated for 2014-2015) [11]
24 page add-on pack with customizable and fillable planning pages, designed for homeschoolers
Price: $5.00
OLAM + Homeschool Pack (updated for 2013-2014) [12]
The 198-page Organizing Life as MOM plus the Homeschool Add-on Pack
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OLAM + Blogger + Homeschool (updated for 2014) [13]
The 198-page Organizing Life as MOM, plus both the homeschooling and blogger packs
Price: $15.00

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