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Summer Fun: Real Live, Screen-Free Games

Posted By Jessica Fisher On July 15, 2013 @ 12:05 pm In DIY,Family Fun,Seasonal Fun,Summer Fun,Summertime | 20 Comments

Summer time is a great time to shut down the devices and play real live, screen-free games.


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It’s taken a few weeks, but I “think” that we’ve reigned in the gaming time. I was real busy at the beginning of summer with book edits, so the kids got a little carried away with screen time. For the last few weeks, however, we’ve limited screens to one morning hour and one afternoon hour.

The result has been that my children are reading more and figuring out more inventive things. It’s just like the good old days!

Playing screen-free

They’ve played with the neighbors, had water balloon fights, gone hiking in the neighboring hills, decorated a huge cardboard box, and broke out the real-live, screen-free games.

I’m holding my breath. I know we could backslide in a heart beat, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

The boys played a marathon Monopoly game late last week. The girls weren’t included, so they, with some prodding from FishMama, got creative:

monopoly with merida

They busted out Monopoly Junior, used Merida and Elinor figurines for their characters and made up their own version of Monopoly.

Confession: Despite my secret for playing Monopoly and staying sane [4], I still don’t like to play it.

Here’s what else is on our game shelf currently:

board games

Games that work for us

Another confession: The games that I really don’t like or that kids can’t play on their own are stored in the garage.

spot it collection

One of our very favorites this summer is Spot It [17], in its various forms. I received the original game last year to review [18]. I’ve since gone on to buy other versions: Alphabet [19], Basic French [20], and NHL [21], of course.

We’ve found that these games are great ice breakers for new friends and shy cousins [22] and that play can span a large range of ages and generations. An added bonus is the compact metal storage tin that’s easy to pack for the road.

I’ve got my eyes on Spot It Junior Animals [23], too.

Playing real live, screen-free games is currently a highlight of the summer. It’s not without its challenges, but we’re figuring out how to play board games and card games peacefully. And having a good time, too.

Got a favorite board game or card game?

Disclosure: if you make a purchase through those Amazon links up there, I do receive a small percentage of the sale to support this site.

DIY-on-a-DIME-summer-fun-125This post is part of the DIY on a Dime: Summer Fun series [24]. For more ideas on how to enjoy the summer holidays on a budget, check out the list.

I know what we’re gonna do this summer.

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