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Homeschool Curricula Choices for the New School Year

Posted By Jessica Fisher On August 13, 2013 @ 11:00 am In Curricula,Homeschooling | 24 Comments

Be organized for the school year with a list of each child’s course of study. Ours go in my homeschool binder and provide a record of our homeschool program and coursework.

fishmama-homeschool-picks-no-date I got an email from our Latin teacher that class starts next week. Really? Summer went by a little too quickly for my blood. But, instead of telling you once more that I’m in denial — I’ll admit that I’m in the game.

Well, almost. Today I did the last of our school shopping. The last of the books are ordered. My new planner [4] is bound, and I’m slowly getting ready to get to it.

This year will be a doozy, too. With all six kids in formal schooling this year, it promises to be one of the, er, most exciting years to date. I’m thankful that we stuck to math and reading all summer, so the transition shouldn’t be too brutal.

We’re going to “cook frogs” [5] again this year and start with a few subjects each week, adding a few more with each subsequent week until we’re at full speed. We’re also taking a slower weekly schedule approach as well, doing 4-day weeks for the first month or two and then adding the fifth day later.

Slow and steady wins the race, eh?

Homeschool Curricula Choices for the New Year

One of the things that helps me get — and hopefully stay — organized throughout the school year is to prepare a list of each child’s course of study. It goes in my homeschool binder [6] for the year. I not only have a record of the plan for the year, but it also serves to guide subsequent students who come along behind.

For the curious, here’s how school content breaks down for each of my children this year.

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kindergarten girl with phonics pathways


My baby starts kindergarten this year. She’s had a blast the last few years doing preschool activities at home [7]. Now, she’s moving up in the world. I bought her a basket for her books and assigned her a color.

Each child has a color for schoolwork. His binders, notebooks, and assignment sheets are all that color. Color-coding makes my life so much easier. FishBaby/FishChick4-almost-5 will be purple. And she is thrilled.

She’s also really looking forward to reading. That copy of Phonics Pathways [8] is about 12 years old. It’s served us well.

Second Grade

This is my big girl. Her reading is coming along nicely; she’s eager to learn; and she’s downright fun to be with. Love her!

school books

Fourth Grade

My baby boy is in 4th grade? How did this happen? He’s a peach, happy go lucky, quick to help, a little squirrelly. He doesn’t think he likes schoolwork, but I’m intent to prove him wrong.

Sixth Grade

My mother-in-law once referred to this child as “a bull in a china shop”. That’s only one side of him. The other side is sweet, quiet, and creative. Math has been a challenge, so we’re playing catch up. He loves to read and is a whiz at spelling. I’m trying a few different things for grammar and writing in the hopes of encouraging affection for the written word.

teaching textbooks

Eighth Grade

When he was three, this child recited the tale of Odysseus in the church nursery. We’ve always called him our absent-minded professor, apt to forget to tie his shoes, but brilliance incarnate. I think he knows a lot more than I think he does which is always a pleasant surprise as a teacher and a mom.

Eleventh Grade

My guinea pig is a junior in high school. I’m shocked and amazed. God has been very gracious to us. The teen years, while far from over, have not been as painful as folks paint them to be. I’m so excited to see the man that is outgrowing the boy.

FishBoy16’s schooling is becoming more and more independent. I really don’t need to do anything but buy the books, chat about the content, and follow-up to make sure there aren’t any snags.

So, there we are. I’m a little woozy looking at all that now. Hold me?

Have you found great curriculum for homeschooling or afterschooling?

Tell us about it in the comments and feel free to share the link to your post if you’ve shared your curricula for the year on your blog.

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