Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Take a Bubble Bath

The holiday season,  and particularly the weeks leading up to Christmas, can be full of to-do lists, stresses, disagreements (often petty), and a general feeling of hurriedness. Let’s calm it down.

Quick Ways to Calm It Down: Take a Bubble Bath

Feeling a little hot around the collar? Got some aches and pains that won’t quit? Do you feel like the lady in the Calgon commercial?

Take a bubble bath.

Hit the showers! Or better yet, get thee to the tub. A hot bath or shower can help you clear your head, relax your body, and help you feel a little more human.

It doesn’t take long. An hour would be nice, but if you can’t swing that, grab 20 minutes. You’ll feel better. You’ll be refreshed. And you’ll be a kinder, happier mom.

Need more motivation?

just keep calmThis post is part of FishMama’s campaign to Just Keep Calm. Every day during the weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll post a different idea to help you keep calm, gain perspective, and not let the holidays (or any time of year) make you a crabby mom.

What are YOU doing to keep calm today?

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  1. We’ve been keeping our thermostat pretty low during the cooler months and I have to say, a hot shower has become my happy place every day!

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