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Weekly Meal Plan to Print & Cook #26

Weekly Meal Plan with Grocery List #26 | Life as MOM

Looking for some easy meals you can whip up this week? We’ve gotcha covered with flautas, chicken sandwiches, chicken and wild rice bake, tortellini soup, and beef stew. Easy Chicken and Cheese Flautas The school year is in full swing right about now, but it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, does it? At least […]

Make a Reusable Grocery List to Save Time in the Kitchen

Make a Reusable Grocery List Life as MOM

If you go to the grocery store on any kind of regular basis, chances are you’re making a list each time. And if you’re making a list each time, you’re probably adding the same things to that list fairly often.¬†You can save time by using a reusable grocery list. A reusable grocery list is one […]

The Weekly Ramble


Ready for the weekly ramble? This is the one when I share all the minutia of our lives. What a week! It seems like it lasted a year. We spent both days of last weekend at the hockey rink. Despite my needing to get my book done, I decided I didn’t ever want my kids […]

Use Spice Blends to Save Time in the Kitchen

use spice blends to save time in the kitchen

There’s no doubt about it. Busting out the measuring spoons takes time. It adds minutes to your kitchen prep time. Wouldn’t it be so much easier just to open a packet of commercial seasoning mix? No measuring! Well, as you may know, my heart belongs to homemade. I think that in most cases, homemade tastes […]

3 Handy Tools to Help You Save Time in the Kitchen

Tools to Help You Save Time in the Kitchen

I love to work in the kitchen. But, I love to eat more than I love the working part of things. Sometimes a time crunch requires that I take some short cuts so speed things up and get a meal on the table sooner rather than later. As we’ve seen already this week, planning meals, […]

What Do You Waste Money On?

What Do You Waste Money On?

This article crossed my path this week. It’s a list from Dave Ramsey of things that Americans waste money on. We often spend money on things that are truly superfluous, unneccessary, useless, or without value. I found it to be a really interesting list. The top three items? Credit card interest Deal websites Appetizers I’m […]

Mom Food: Are You Feeding Yourself?

Moms Are You Feeding Yourself? | Life as MOM

My sister and I have talked about it before. We’re both busy during the day. We both get focused on the task at hand. We both have seasons where we forget to eat. Yes, I know. You would think that I would be immune to that kind of problem, but no, not always. Usually, I’m […]

Simplify Your Meals to Save Time in the Kitchen

simplify your meals to save time

Today’s Day 3 of Kitchen Time Savers. All month I’ll be sharing ways that you can save time in the kitchen. There has been more than one occasion when I’ve planned a huge, elaborate meal that took hours to pull off. Oh, sure, I do this for holiday meals. A lot of people do. But, […]